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Her agony: The entire office knew every intimate detail of her encounter with him!

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I thought it was only teenage boys who feel the need to recount their sexual exploits to their friends. It turns out that grown men do it too! A friend of mine is still reeling after an incident with one of her co-workers.

Apparently, this particular co-worker has been trying to get it on with her from the minute she started working there, but my friend has been giving him the cold shoulder.

 He was relentless. He made advances towards her every chance he got and one day, after a session of heavy drinking and against her better judgment, she gave in to his advances.

The next day, she was mortified to learn the whole office was aware of every intimate detail of her encounter with him. Apparently, he was beside himself with delight of having being the first man in the office to succeed in boning the new girl. And just like that, he was the ‘man’, the office hero and she the office slut. Oh, the double standards!

It wasn’t like he told his closest friends about his sexscapade with my friend. I understand that men, like women, take pleasure in disclosing intimate details of their lives to their close friends.

However, this colossal prick didn’t just tell his friends. He told the whole office and anyone else who cared to listen. First of all, the workplace, really? That’s a whole new low. Sordid tales like this could cost someone their job.

Secondly, no one outside your family or circle of friends cares about what is going on in your private life. It is called “private life” for a reason. Thirdly, bragging about having sex just makes you sound pathetic and childish.

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I mean, how sex deprived must one be to feel the need to brag about a sexual encounter? Having sex with my friend must have been the best thing that had happened to him in a while given his excitement and that is kind of sad if you think about it.

What happened to respecting your lover’s privacy? Unless the woman you have gotten lucky with is an exotic dancer or an adult film star, she doesn’t want her indiscretions to be the topic of conversation in your circle of friends.

If she wanted everyone to know her business, she would tell them herself. Divulging personal details like that is a gross violation of privacy. I don’t think men will ever understand how incredibly juvenile they sound when they boast about their sexual conquests. Do you crave attention that badly that you would violate another person’s right to privacy to get the attention? 

You are not validated by your sexual conquests. It takes a special kind of man to recognize that sex is special and should be remain between the two people. A real man is he who has such a level of self-confidence that he doesn’t need to brag about his sexual feats to others.

Being a real man is about being confident in your sexuality and realizing that the number of women you have slept with should not be used to have others raise their opinions of you. The key to a great sex life is discretion.

Needless to say, if your keep your damn mouth shut about a sexual encounter with a lady, you increase your chances of having sex with her again. If you want women to keep coming back for more, keep the experience to yourself.

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