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7 little secrets you should keep away from your partner

Girl Talk


Ever heard of the saying, ‘better tell a healing lie than a wounding truth?’ This is because the truth hearts. As much as conventional wisdom dictates that lying is bad, which it is, it may actually be the better option depending on the circumstances.

Life is not simple and we are not angels. It is therefore sometimes a wise thing to keep your mouth shut when it comes to certain things.

For example, does she need to know her chapatis are awful? Or that you hate his friends? The answer is a no. Reason being it will do more damage, create unnecessary conflict and tension than do good.

And as we all know, the building blocks of a good relationship are made of integrity, trust and above all, honesty. However, there are instances you should keep your mouth shut and take your secret or feelings to the grave.

Here are seven things you should keep to yourself.

Sexual past

Unless it comes up in a conversation, one of the sex topics that should never be brought up is the number of partners one has had in the past. Simply put, don’t ask don’t tell. Unless you are very sure you both want to know, stir up the pot. Experts believe that discussing your sexual history with your current partner has zero benefits unless you are talking about testing, STD’s etc.

Relationship doubts

Whether in a long or new relationship, feelings of doubt and questions about the relationship will arise. Unless they persist do not share with your partner because they will only create insecurity and hurt. Process what you are going through and in most instances they will resolve by themselves.

You hate a member of their family

Those with evil mother in-laws can perfectly relate to how possible it is to hate someone from your partner’s family. Whatever issues you have with their family member, it is best to keep mum about it. No amount of hating or throwing shade will make the situation better. If anything, it can be the beginning to your relationship crumbling down especially if your partner holds that family member in esteem.

You don’t like something about your partner

No one is perfect, and this means we all have quacks. The worst thing you can do is to be brutally honest about your partner’s weaknesses, especially those they can’t change. Love calls for sacrifice and for this reason, keep the truth to yourself and compliment them instead.

You have had better sex before

Your boyfriend or girlfriend does not need to know that you have had a better time in the sheets from a past love interest. They want to be your best and should you spill the beans on this one, you will regret opening the pandora’s box.

What you spend your money on

Money is a sensitive issue especially in marriages and it is cited as one of the top reasons for divorce. When you have separate bank accounts and make your own money, it is ok to spoil yourself without having to be accountable to anyone so long as it doesn’t interfere with your household finances.

Negative comments about them

You have no reason to tell your partner the negative comments your friends or family member said about them. What is there to gain? Nothing at all. Those comments can be very hurtful and hard to recover from because your other half will always remember that and may later use it as evidence that your friend or family never liked them from day one.

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