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How to organise your kitchen pantry

 How to organise your kitchen pantry (Photo: iStock)

In the heartbeat of every home, the kitchen pantry stands as a sanctum of culinary potential. Yet, more often than not, it becomes a chaotic abyss leaving us pondering, "Where did I put the curry powder?’’

If this is you, take this as a hint to give your pantry a complete overhaul. Will it be easy? Probably not! However, not only will an organised pantry bring you joy but it will enhance your culinary adventures.  

Begin your pantry rejuvenation by taking stock of its contents. Empty the shelves and assess each item. Be ruthless in decluttering. Start by discarding expired goods, donate unopened non-perishables that you won't use and bid farewell to the half-empty bags of ancient lentils you know you won’t cook. This step sets the stage for a fresh start.

Group similar items together. For instance, grains, canned goods, dried foods, snacks, spices etc. To get this done properly, invest in transparent storage containers for loose items that will allow you to see at a glance what is on hand. Categorisation is the cornerstone of an organised pantry.

Maximise your pantry space with storage solutions that cater to your needs. Stackable containers, masala boxes for spices, clear bins for snacks and tiered shelving will make a significant difference. If you are working with limited kitchen space, utilise door organisers for your towels, foil and cling film. Optimise vertical space with adjustable shelving to accommodate differently-sized items.

Labelling is the unsung hero of the pantry organisation. Invest in a label maker or utilise stylish chalkboard labels for a personal touch. Label each container with its contents and expiry date, ensuring you can effortlessly locate what you need while keeping track of freshness.

Establish zones within your pantry based on frequency of use. Reserve eye-level shelves for everyday essentials while relegating less frequently used items to higher or lower shelves. Keep snacks within easy reach for the little ones and designate a baking zone for your flour, sugar and baking powder. When all is said and done, maintaining a pristine pantry requires regular upkeep. Schedule routine checks to ensure items are within their shelf life and take the opportunity to tidy up. A quarterly or bi-annual pantry review will keep chaos at bay, allowing you to revel in the satisfaction of an organised culinary haven.

Lastly, make your pantry visually appealing by embracing aesthetics. Choose uniform storage containers for a cohesive look and consider incorporating baskets for a touch of warmth. A well-organised pantry is not just functional; it is a visual delight that inspires creativity in the kitchen.

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