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Travel smart with these tips

Leisure and Travel
 Travel smart with these tips (Photo: iStock)

If you are an ardent traveller or are drawn to adventure, one way of ensuring that your travel is smooth and free from common mistakes, is to plan. 

Expert packing

Travel experts advise that while packing, divide everything you will need during your travel into two categories. The first are essentials (anything that if forgotten would ruin your travel plans), such as your passport (if travelling internationally), credit cards, and everything else in between.

List number two includes things that are likely not to end your trip, but would be an inconvenience if forgotten. These are things that you can get or buy at your destination (though sometimes this might be difficult or a little costly). These include items like toothpaste, sneakers, sweaters, swimwear and chargers. 

Make accessing the essential items, like toiletries, that you will need for your trip easy. This should be the first kit to pack as you plan your travel. These items include travel-sized toothpaste, shampoo, sanitary pads, and a shaving kit. 

Detailed Itinerary

Compile a detailed itinerary document for your trip and store it in an accessible “cloud” storage. A Google document would serve this purpose. Remember to save the document in offline mode in case you have no access to WiFi or cell service when you need it. 

Important documents

Save soft copies of important travel documents in one place to save you time and embarrassment. Screenshot important documents or QR codes that you need, and save them to an easily accessible photo folder on your smartphone. This ensures that your crucial travel information is organised and easily accessible at a moment’s notice.

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