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Two high school students narrate how respected headmistress tricked them into sleeping with her


UK: A respected headmistress was a ‘sexual monster’ who seduced two under age boys at her home and on camping trips while married and in her 20s, a court heard yesterday.

Anne Lakey, 55, allegedly played a game of ‘dare’ with her first victim before allowing him to fondle her breasts, later taking him to bed for full sex when he was a virgin of 13 or 14.

He told Teesside crown court she sat him on her knee in front of other boys when he had to ‘pretend to be Orville the Duck’ and speak with a squeaky voice.

She rang his school pretending to be his mother so he could come to her home for sex while her second husband was out, a jury heard.

She allegedly got him to call her ‘Mommy’ - which she pronounced in an American accent - while he was her ‘baby’.

Her second victim claimed she had full sex with him during a camping trip when he slipped into her tent as her husband slept nearby.

When the first victim went to police with his claims, Lakey, described as a ‘successful’ career woman, called her second victim and asked him to ‘back her’ if contacted by police.

Caroline Goodwin, prosecuting, said Lakey was a ‘sexual predator’ who ‘exploited’ the two boys when she was in her late 20’s, in her second marriage and they were both under age.

She said: “You are going to hear about two young boys, now adults. Two boys who each were sexually abused by a woman older, more mature and in a position of trust and responsibility.

“How is it that two adult men with very different lives since those days... who had no discernible contact as adults come to be making a complaint about being sexually assaulted in the late 80s?

“Sexually assaulted when they were of similar ages, 13, 14, 15 years old, by the same woman?

“The single common denominator say the Crown is the defendant.”

She said the first alleged victim, now 41, was sexually assaulted by Lakey when he was 13 or 14, including sexual intercourse.

When she was arrested in connection with the younger boy’s allegations, Lakey denied them, and denies all the claims against her, the court heard.

Miss Goodwin said: “She said there was no truth in them, that she was a professional person with an unblemished record and this was just a fantasy.”

The second was 15 when he first had sex with her on a camping trip with others, both cases representing a ‘gross breach of trust’ when she was working as a teacher.

Neither were her pupils.

The first would call at her home while with other teenagers, and later alone, when she seduced him by playing a game of dare, exposing her breasts after he asked her to ‘get her t*** out’.

Once he sat on her knee to entertain other teenagers by pretending to be Orville the duck. He recalled: “I talked in a squeaky voice. It was quite embarrassing.”

He told the court she would later bathe when she was alone in the house with him, talking to him through the door and then allowing him inside the bathroom.

The first time they had sex was when he was around 13 or 14, and she slipped her bathrobe off before laying fully naked on the bed in front of him.

He told the jury: “She came out of the bathroom with the towel wrapped around her but then took it off so she was completely naked, and I was to the right of her, and she lay down on the bed and said something along the lines of ‘come on then’ and I lay down on top of her and she helped me take my pants off and we had sex.

“I had on my school trousers and sweatshirt....I did not get an erection like an adult would, I had not had sex before.

“It did not last long, a couple of minutes probably. Like most lads of that age, I was not fully developed as a man.”

He added: “I told my friend at school what had happened, but he was not very impressed.”

He told the court he then began to skip school to visit her home while her second husband was out at work, having sex once or twice a week.

Once, her husband returned after they had locked the door and the teenager had to hide, naked, in a cupboard until he left again. “I was scared, very scared,” he told the jury.

He also recalled how Lakey would ‘expose’ herself to him, including when he visited with other lads and her then-husband was in the house.

“She was at the top of the stairs and would shout for me,” he added. “She stood in her dressing gown with nothing on underneath it and would pull it to the side and expose herself to me....she never said anything.”

He added: “She would ask me to call her ‘Mommy’ - in an American accent - and I used to be her ‘baby’. She would phone up school and pretend to be my mam when I went to her house. She was 28 then, I knew her age, she had long, dark hair.

“I told her I could not do it anymore, and she told me not to tell anybody.”

In December, 2012, looking for a nursery placement for his daughter, he found reference to Lakey on a blog page in which she said her ‘raison d’etre’ was to give young people the best start in life.

He contacted the authorities immediately, writing: “I can’t believe this woman is still working with young people.

“She should not be allowed anywhere near young people, especially boys. She had sex with me when I was 13. She used to telephone my school and pretend to be my mother.

“She was doing that to me when she was married to her second husband. She was a disgusting sexual monster and she has had an influence on how my life has turned out.

“I have my own little girl now and I despise the fact that people like that are still out there.”

Ms Goodwin said the second alleged victim was also ‘groomed for (Lakey’s) own personal gratification’, when she was ‘fully aware what she was engaging in was wrong and unlawful’.

She was a ‘manipulator, skilled in what she was doing.’

She went on: “He was 15 years old. One night she invited him into her tent. Her husband had his own tent.

"He got into a sleeping bag and had sexual intercourse with her. He continued to have sexual intercourse regularly with her at her home.

“He will say that someone saw them - she was wearing her bra, knickers and suspenders...she said to him ‘does it bother you that he saw me like this?”

She added: “The behaviour continued until he saw her with someone else. He was no longer needed.”

But she allegedly contacted him again ‘out of the blue’ around the end of 2012/13, and told him that she had done ‘well in her career’, adding: ‘I wish I was like you so in control, if the police ring you out of the blue, you would be able to handle it. So will you back the old woman?’

Miss Goodwin said that the call was to ‘warn him off’.

The second set of allegations centred around a boy who was 15 at the time said he regularly had sex with Lakey at her home and when he was 17, they recommenced their sexual relationship lawfully, the jury was told.

When Lakey was arrested in connection with his allegations in 2014, she told police that she had a sexual relationship with him - but that was when he was 18.

Lakey, of Stanley, Co Durham, denies 13 sexual assaults, six against the first alleged victim from April 30, 1987, to May 18, 1990. Seven relate to the second complainant, the allegations covering a period from July 31, 1989 to May 4, 1990.

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