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#FashionTips: How to colour block your outfits and ace it

Fashion and Beauty
 A mix of colours can be a breath of fresh air to a dull outfit (Getty Images)

Colour blocking might be one of the most incredulous topics when it comes to styling, yet still fascinating. A mix and addition of colours can be a breath of fresh air to a dull style and outfit when done in the right way and with the perfect colours.

Having the perfect colours is where the problem begins. Most people have a problem with matching colours to get colour blocking right. This challenge makes most ladies shy away from the colour blocking style. However, with the right tips colour blocking can be a no brainer and a soon forgotten problem. Here are some tips to start you off:

Start with basics

When beginning your colour blocking journey, always be accustomed and comfortable with basic colours first. Do not jump into the deep sea before learning how to swim, colour blocking and getting it right takes time. You will need patience and the zeal to learn.

If you have mastered the art of working with your monochromes, then you can slowly add one more colour to your outfits and gauge how you feel about them. Colour blocking takes guts and when you are not comfortable in colour, it’s not for you.

Learn the colour wheel

This might seem like a tad unnecessary but it is the easiest way to master the art of colour blocking. The colour wheel will give you an analogous of colours, this simply means it will help you identify colours that match perfectly other than the normal white and black mix.

You might not be green when it comes to colours but the colour wheel will expose you to a list of options you can try out for colour blocking. Researching is important because it will help you work with what you have in your closet not necessary getting new outfits.


Neutrals are your friend

When it comes to colour blocking, neutral colours always go a long way. They are easy to work with and they match all other colours, literally. Not only will neutrals help you match your outfits better but they will add some sophistication to them. Neutral colours can act as your base when planning an outfit.

Neutrals here could be colours like: black, white, brown and many more. In other instances neutrals can break monotony, say you decide to colour block pink and orange for your outfit, you can add some white shoes or a white belt to the ensemble to break the monotony. Tis way your outfit can be more sophisticated and stylish.

Watch your skin tone

Just because it is a cloth and it has nothing to do with makeup, it doesn’t mean it will work with your skin tone. Not all colours on the color wheel will work for you let alone be easily colour blocked. When you dress in colours that are not flattering to your skin tone, like for instance colour blocking pale yellow colours might leave you looking sick or pale.

Go for more vibrant colours and not matte shades when colour blocking, this way your skin tone will look flattering and the outfit will pop. Also be rational when matching colours, like matching black and navy blue can work but it will look like you were undecided when choosing the colours.

Practice and more practice

Your body is the canvas to your outfits; practice, practice, Practice! Nothing good comes easily or in the snap of a finger, you have to put in the work. Develop an eye for colour by taking in everything around you. Get inspired by people on the streets, portraits, social media and even fashion shows. Inspiration is everywhere.

Tip: Always trust your gut. When you try out an outfit and it doesn’t click, don’t force it. Try to add a neutral here maybe drop an accessory there and if it still doesn’t work out; drop it. Colour blocking is all about experimenting colours not clowning.

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