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Simple skincare tips to help you overcome those irritating razor bumps

Fashion and Beauty

If you shave or wax, at some point in your life you've experienced ingrown hairs, especially if you have curly hair. Ingrown hairs can cause uncomfortable and embarrassing bumps, also known as razor bumps. They occur when a hair curls back into the skin rather than growing out, and this results in a bump that looks like a pimple.

Although the bumps usually go away on their own, they can be unpleasant to look at. Here are some shaving tips that will help keep your skin smooth and soft.

Shaving tips • Don't shave skin which is already irritated or overly dry. If you have rashes or dry skin, heal your skin first before you shave. • Use a good shaver. Men's shavers are good because they're designed for coarse hair. • Don't store your shaver in the bathroom, as the heat and humidity may cause rusting and bacterial growth. Don't overuse an old shaver, discard it after about 3-5 uses, as blunt razors increase the likelihood of skin irritation. • Shave lightly and avoid pressing the shaver down into your skin.

Step 1 – Exfoliate Exfoliate your skin weekly as this helps to lift hair out of your skin. Exfoliation also gets rid of dead skin cells thereby leaving a smoother surface. Some natural exfoliators include bicarbonate of soda, oatmeal, and ground coffee.

Step 2 – Skin test Test the shaving gel or lotion to ensure you don't react to it.

Step 3 – Trim hair If the hair you want to shave is long, trim it with sharp scissors. It should not be more than half an inch long.

Step 4 – Shower Start your shower and allow the warm water to soften your skin and hair follicles.

Step 5 – Apply oil or shaving gel I find that shaving with coconut oil leaves a nice smooth finish. However, you can use shaving gel or cream. Avoid shaving with soap as it dries out your skin.

Step 6 – Start shaving Wet the blade and shave in the direction of the hairs natural growth not against it. Keep your strokes as smooth and as long as possible. Rinse your razor between strokes if it gets clogged. Reapply shaving gel as needed until all the hair has been removed.

Step 7 – Rinse Rinse the area or wipe with a warm cloth.

Step 8 – Apply lotion Apply unscented lotion to seal in moisture. For your underarms avoid deodorant or perfume for at least 12 hours after shaving as these can irritate your skin. Apply antiseptic under your arms after each shave. Use a gentle product like diluted hydrogen peroxide. If it is sore apply aloe vera gel or extra virgin coconut oil.

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