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Five ways to stay healthy while traveling and avoid getting sick

Leisure and Travel
 If you suffer from allergies, visit your doctor before you travel (Shutterstock)

Being sick is not fun. Now take that while on a trip.

You have taken your long overdue leave from work, saved up enough to pay for that dream holiday and the bags are all packed ready to go.

All goes well until you reach your destination and now you can’t get out of bed. You are not feeling well and to make matters worse, you are miles away from home.

Did we mention the money going down the drain and watching others have fun while you recuperate? It sucks.

You try to figure out how it happened and where but it is already too late. You are sick.

This, however, should not be the case if you take proper precaution and care. With these tips, you are almost guaranteed to stay healthy and avoid getting sick while you travel.

Schedule a checkup

If you suffer from allergies or other conditions that may flare up due to weather change and other triggers, it is a good idea to visit your doctor prior to your travel. They will be able to prescribe you medication that may come in handy.

In the event you are feeling under the weather days before your trip, schedule an appointment. The doctor will be able to give you a proper diagnose and advise you on whether or not you should travel as per your schedule.


With all the distractions that come with travel, it is easy to become dehydrated especially if you’re doing a lot of physical activities under the scorching sun.

Ensure that you drink a full glass of water in the morning and carry a bottle of water with you throughout your vacation.

 Enjoy your trip in moderation (Shutterstock)
Get enough rest

Let’s be honest, the excitement of a holiday can overshadow our better judgement and that includes getting the recommended hours of sleep. There is always this party to attend or the chit chatter with friends or family that always seems to go on forever.

If you don’t watch it, you may end up with burnout or fall ill due to fatigue. After all the walking, sweating and carrying of heavy luggage, your body risks giving in.

Listen to your body and get enough rest before you can start exploring your holiday destination.

Have breakfast

If you happen to be those guests who sleep through breakfast, you are doing yourself injustice. There is a reason why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives you the energy you require to get through the day.

Whatever the case may be, request for takeaway, late breakfast or prepare your own in the room. If there is a kettle you can always make some coffee or tea and enjoy with some pastries.

Fruits and juice will also come in handy so you may want some of those too.

Watch what you eat and drink

Being on holiday has a way of making us throw our routines and caution out the window. The temptation of letting go and overindulging is always the norm and this can have negative repercussions.

You are drinking more than usual and eating everything out of the dessert buffet. Before you know it your sleep has been interrupted, you are struggling with a sore throat and you have gained unwanted weight.

The idea here is to enjoy these things in moderation.

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