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Seven modern ways to walk down the aisle

 The most common way of walking down the aisle is to have the bride walk towards her husband-to-be (Photo: Shutterstock)

Walking down the aisle is a tradition that has been ingrained in almost every culture all over the world. It’s a special moment for both bride and groom because they get to see each other in all their glory for the first time on their wedding day.   

The most common and maybe cliché way of walking down the aisle is to have the bride walk towards her husband-to-be. Many don’t realize that there’s no specific rule of how it should be done.

Contemporary times have proved that things are changing and that everyone is allowed to have their own unique style.

These seven ideas should spark some creativity before you plan how you’ll walk down the aisle. 

Walk to the altar together 

Choosing to walk down the aisle together instead of having one walk after the other is a new, refreshing way of solidifying your commitment to one another.

It reflects the genuine bond you both have and I think that others might start embracing this trend when their wedding day comes.

You could choose to hold hands on the way to the altar or just walk side by side as you hold up your bouquet.

It’s up to you to decide.

 Choose to walk down the aisle together (Photo: Shutterstock)

Dance to your favorite song

Weddings don’t have to be so strict and serious. You can mix things up and surprise your guests with a dance routine. Even when you don’t have a routine in mind, you could just dance and enjoy yourself instead of doing things the old school way.

Play a nice song that’s special for you and your partner and let the guests capture that unexpected moment.

Walk with someone you love

Traditionally, it’s expected that the bride will walk down the aisle with her dad by her side. However, many people still prefer to walk with someone else like an uncle or even stepdad.

Another new twist would be walking with your godmother, aunt, best friend, or even your daughter.

It’s your special day and you can decide who you’d want to accompany you.

Sing your soon-to-be husband a song

Typically, the wedding is mostly considered to be bride’s day so it would be sweet to let the groom shine for a moment through a song. And don’t worry your singing skills don’t have to be the best here.

All that matters is, you’ve done your best to show your soulmate that you’re willing to do something special for them.

An idea would be performing a song that you both love.

 Let the groom shine for a moment through a song (Photo: Shutterstock)

Include your pet

Everyone knows that pets are family too. They deserve to have a VIP seat at your wedding or at least get some recognition.

So many couples are loving the idea of having their furry friend by their side instead of leaving them at home.

I’m sure your guests already know how much you love your adorable pup so it won’t be shocking to them anyway.

Try rearranging the seats creatively

Not everyone wants the attention to be zoomed in on them while they walk down the aisle. The way the seats are arranged can trigger some anxiety when all you want to do is enjoy your day with friends and family without all the pressure.

A great change you could try is planning a circular seat arrangement or any other creative way that will make your experience more memorable.

Be discreet 

This is an ultimate hack for the shy bride. You can have the option of letting the guests in after you’ve already arrived at the altar so that things can be less awkward for you.

The good thing is that you’re not obligated to walk down the aisle in the traditional way if you don’t want to.

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