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What’s the difference between eyebrow pencil, gel and powder?

 Learning how to do your eyebrows perfectly can be a headache (Shutterstock)

Eyebrows have the power to determine how good your face is beat. And learning how to do them perfectly can be a headache. It takes time and patience to get them to pop.

Let’s not even get started with the YouTube tutorials which look so easy to do until you do them and realize you can’t draw eyebrows to save your life.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t become good at it.

To get you on the right path, you need to know how the pencil, brow gel or powder applies. Here’s all you need to know about the three brow products.

Eyebrow pencil

This is the O.G of all the brow products we see today. They’ve been there for so long and it was the very first product I learnt how to do my brows with. This is probably the most suitable product if you’re a beginner.

They’re really easy to find since they’re available almost everywhere and they’re very pocket friendly. A basic brow pencil can do a superb job which is why many people love them. With the pencil, there is enough control when applying.

You basically decide where you want the pencil to go and it’s very easy to maneuver delicate corners of the brow with especially when it’s been sharpened. They’re not messy to deal with and you’ll get precise strokes.

It’s also flexible because you can work with the blunt strokes when you want to fill in larger areas quickly.

The pencil will give you a fairly good hold all day but it can still rub off when you’re not careful. I’ve always had brow pencils in my collection and I really don’t think I’ll let them go anytime soon.

Brow powder

Eyebrow powders aren’t always easy to find. Getting the exact shade you want is a bit tasking. The good thing about brow powders is that you can substitute it with a shade from your eyebrow palette if you have a color that you want. Also, you can use it for other hacks like your brow powder as eyeshadow or as a contour powder if it works. No one can tell the difference.

Powders don’t usually give you as much control as gels or pencils and it’s not easy to get a clean finish. But they’re amazing because they give the most natural look out of the three.

It’s great for intermediate level because it blends in really well if you know how to apply correctly. As far as the hold is concerned, it can easily rub off.

Brow gels

This is the pro level of eyebrow products. Quality is a huge part when it comes to gels because some of them melt easily if you live in humid areas.

The accuracy of application all depends on the brush you’re using. A good brush will have a crisp finish and you have to invest in one that won’t give you uneven streaks.

You have to be careful when using these because they’re usually very pigmented. If you apply too much, you’ll have a hard time wiping it off. They have the best hold and they’ll literally stay put for hours. A single pot can last for months because a little goes a long way.

So, have you used all three? Which one do you prefer?

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