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Pedicure trend sees women getting long, fake toenails - but not everyone's a fan

 (Instagram @feet_from_heaven)

We're used to seeing people head to the salon to get their nails done and later they come out with a fresh set of claws.

But people are now opting to have those same long fake nails put on their toes, instead of their hands.

Yes, we're serious.

 (Instagram @cindyrayuk)

A quick look on Instagram under the hashtag #LongToeNails will show you a number of photos of women's feet, with bright and sparkly acrylic sets on all 10 of their toes.

It sure is a strange sight, but it seems some people are really loving the look.

As well as coloured nails, some are even taking things to a whole other level with French tip toenails.

 (Instagram @7eetout)

The photos have racked up hundreds of likes each, with some branding the pedicures "pretty" and "beautiful".

Unsurprisingly though, not everyone is a fan of the trend, with many others commenting "ew" on the foot snaps and saying it looks "gross".

Another person wrote on Facebook: "This is unsettling. Those wouldn't even fit in my sneakers."

Someone else replied: "This is just wrong."

A third added: "I'm going to throw up. No, definitely a NO NO!"

 (Instagram @kamichrom)

As well as not liking the look, there were those who just didn't think they would be very practical for everyday wear.

"I guess they don't actually do anything, because wearing anything other than sandals would be awful," commented a different user.

A second said: "Looks potentially painful to me."

 (Instagram @7eetout)

Meanwhile, some were under the impression that the toenails would tear up the bedsheets.

Are you a fan of the long toenails or do you wish you could unsee them? Let us know in the comments below.

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