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Bendy mum breaks internet as she breastfeeds daughter while balancing in extreme yoga positions

Baby Care
 Only this mum: “From little bit different angle baby!!”

As a new mum, getting into the swing of breastfeeding is not always a given.

Struggling to do so can be the cause of much distress - especially in the fraught and exhausting early days of motherhood.

Following the birth of her third child, daughter Maramaylee, Carlee Benear admitted they were "struggling, and I think a lot of moms do during those first few weeks."

The 29 year-old from Texas had practised yoga after the birth of her son, Cale and turned to it once again after Maramaylee's birth.


A few days after conception ,the embryo forms a clump of vibrating cells that becomes the new heart. These cells seem to be sound sensitive, in tune to the mother's heart beating and breath, which appear to be necessary for further forming the infant heart. The mothers emotional state and any repetitive patterns of behavior are imprinted on the fetus hormonally and through the tone of her voice ,after the infant is born and it's body is still loaded with adrenal hormones. The mothers instinct and the fathers as well is to hold a newborn to the left, close to the heart. The parents heart stimulate the babies heart which activates the brain and reassures the child that it is safe. It is common knowledge that playing a recorded heartbeat can reduce babies crying by 40 to 50%. Newborns still live in a subtle world ,almost completely connected to the mothers body. When the mothers subtle sphere overlaps the infants ,a major communication takes place. This subtle communication might be below the level of awareness for the mother ,but it is the only level of awareness fully active in the infant. So, the heart to heart scale of feeling into ,child to mother and mother to child, is our original method of growth and survival. In his book 'Emotional Intelligence ',Daniel Coleman describes how infants and young children commonly display empathic connections to each other virtually from the day they are born. Infants are upset when they hear another child crying. Coleman reports,"and they react to a disturbance in those around them ,as though it were their own". Crying when they see another child's tears. Children often imitate the distress they see in another child ,for example, when another child hurts her fingers, a one year old child might put her own fingers in her mouth to see if she hurts to. A toddler might try to give the baby a toy when it cries,or stroke its head. "In later childhood ",Colman says that ,"children begin to understand that someone's distress can be related to their situation in life and they can feel sympathetic toward an entire group ,like the poor or the outcast. (Continued in comments)????????

A post shared by Carlee Benear (@carleebyoga) on Jun 21, 2017 at 12:49pm PDT

She told Providr , "I started early after pregnancy because I needed it to help me adjust and relax while we were getting in the swing of all things breastfeeding."

Eventually Maramaylee began to join her on the mat - and Benear found she could feed her whilst exercising.

It has been a huge force for good in their relationship, with Carlee saying after she started "feeding and flowing" a "spark ignited" and she felt "connected" to her daughter.


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A post shared by Carlee Benear (@carleebyoga) on Jul 27, 2017 at 6:17pm PDT

Her followers on Instagram love the images Carlee posts of her ultimate multi-tasking.

Carlee adds, "I have been overwhelmed with heartfelt messages of inspiration and struggles. So many moms forget that you can't pour from an empty cup, and that's where I fear we let postpartum depression get us.

"We are so busy trying to please everyone else that we forget that the world’s happiness begins at home, with us. We need to take care of ourselves, too, as parents."

Carlee also frequently appears with her eldest two children, who love to hang off her while she practises her poses.

Even being heavily pregnant didn't stop the super-mum from doing yoga.

Carlee's philosophy is simple, "you do what works for your baby."

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