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Education gives relationships sense

 Education gives love sense (Photo: iStock)

Education has been largely applauded as the equaliser in society. It gives equal chances at opportunities to both girls and boys and creates a balance between those from impoverished backgrounds and the rich.

In assessing the background of the impact of education on the lives of girls, it must be admitted that while the boys have been afforded a fair ground to compete, girls have been saved by education - literally.

Love is a good thing. Actually, it is a thing of endless thrill especially in its formative stages when it is clouded with all forms of happy hormones converging at the groin. Oxytocin, for example, is associated with love, trust and relationship building.

Biologists posit that in the formative stages when a couple meet, they both gush out volumes of these hormones with very frequent peaks. At this stage, sobriety is crowded and clouded so much so that no sensible arguments make sense.

This is the time people simply wake up and elope with the simple imagination that the rush of hormones will last forever. Usually, the temporary leave is called off only when things have gone completely south and there is an insufficient amount of happiness and sex to cover the naked truth. You see, when excitement is at the peak of a cliff, the duo acts completely oblivious of the danger of the impending fall. In fact, any remote waves of temporary moments of sanity are shoved away quickly to leave room for only good moments and good vibes to prevail.

It is at this stage that a girl gathers the rare courage to square up for a fight with the mother or even insult her father senselessly if any of them attempts to come between her and the erotic mirage. Why God designed this stage of development to be so chaotic and senseless is something that beats logic. Long before education took centre stage to help in delaying maturity, girls eloping was a common trend. The only thing a girl had to wait for was for her breasts to sprout before she was on her way out. In most cases they left home going the market or to fetch water from the river only to return two years later beaten, dusty and with two malnourished babies to boot.

Fathers, at this point only needed cows in exchange for them while mothers could only watch helplessly as their own daughters sunk into a bottomless abyss. Suddenly, the girl realised that the house they lived in belonged to the elder brother of her husband who worked in Kericho.

The girls often discovered this harsh reality during the December holidays when everyone trooped to the village to spend time with family. Obviously, the sojourners had to relocate to a makeshift kitchen where they bid time until the city couple left. By this time, happiness had taken a back seat, firmly replaced by harsh realities on one end and even more traumatising realities on the other end for the lady. Hormones quickly faded off and the brain took back is space and functionalities albeit too late. Many women will tell you that it is the confusion caused by hormones that sent many girls to marriage prematurely.

They ended up stuck there because of disgrace. The situation then was different from today where a remorseful girl can be supported to go back to school. Education has however helped us fix this situation quite a bit. One, the girls are now caged in school and their maturity delayed.

Education also offered them the continued counsel that comes with sex education and the repercussions of their sexual choices. Therefore, education has quite become the only realistic antidote to the nature of hormones that run haywire when adolescence sets in.

Thankfully, when the girls stay sane, the boys and men have more time to mature and be well-ripened to take on family roles at the right time. Fair balance.

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