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This hairstyle is all a woman needs to stay corny and classy for the hot weather



January is the season that comes in full hot swing and this really becomes challenging to the ladies when it comes to their hair. I have seen ladies queuing in the salon during weekends to have their hair done and most of them want to weave because they are reporting to work.

First of all, you don’t need a weave for you to be professional. Another thing to consider is the hot weather. Weaves don’t serve your head justice in hot weather.  There is this sub-tropical wave that rains on us like the breath of hell all over the scalp, face and body. All the smelly dripping sweat is soaked in the weave and after a while there will always be some unsettling smell. The next thing you know is your thick fingers will be scratching your scalp or tapping your head after every second that you can’t concentrate on your work. Why go through that and you can simply plait cornrows?

Cornrows are a bit throwback because it was a signature hairstyle for back to school but now it’s a fashion trend that’s here to stay. There are many ways of doing cornrows; crotchet, bandika, one’s natural hair and the list is endless. In addition to that, you can plait up-do, rasta, push down lines and any other creative way you prefer. The advantage of doing cornrows during the hot weather is that they are very maintainable and easy to style. Of course, they are also pocket friendly.  One major tip for the cornrows to last; plait using bandika and you won’t be disappointed. To make your cornrows look fun and flirty; try different colors at the tips, the Rapunzel length if you are a lover of long braids, add accessories and keep you edges edgy.

If you are currently looking for a new hairdo, opt for the cornrows. If you are in a weave, let your scalp breathe in peace and row some lines up!


           Photos Courtesy of My Fashion Blog:https://www.thefashionmobster.com/

               Photos Courtesy of My Fashion Blog:https://www.thefashionmobster.com/



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