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Four ways you can embrace ageing gracefully



 Ageing is a natural process that everybody should love and embrace (Image: Shutterstock)

In a world that is not kind to women, the message has always been clear, remain youthful or face ridicule and sneer.

It is for this reason most women fear growing old, but this doesn’t always have to be the case, ageing is a natural phenomenon that should be welcomed and embraced and here is how you can do it gracefully:

1.   Allow your style to adapt with time

Don’t be obsessed with fitting in the same leather pants you did in your 20s. Find ways to make it work for your changing body. There is a way to rock any style, you just have to do a little research.

Don’t ditch the things you like. If you love colour, wear colour, miniskirts, wear them, just adapt the style to suit the new you.  Aging doesn’t mean that you need to ditch anything.

2.   Get active

Moving your body will keep you in great shape and health and this will make you feel and look confident. And confidence is the best thing any woman can wear.

Also, the endorphins released during exercise will keep your spirits up and help curb stress.

3.   Kick the bad habits

With aging comes slower metabolism and slower bounce-back from drinking binges. Reduce your alcohol intake and cut out smoking.

Eat foods that nourish your body. Your body also needs more maintenance than before, so check in regularly with your doctor so that should anything come up, you deal with it in good time.

4.   Nurture your joy

Be intentional about dotting tiny pockets of joy in your days. Do something that you really enjoy every single day.

Read a book, watch your favourite show, visit your friends for some good quality girl-time, have sex…whatever makes you happy, create time on your diary for it.

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