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Foods that prevent magnesium deficiency


Professionals recommend that on a daily basis, you should take 400g of magnesium for a healthier body. Consuming food rich in magnesium is essential for helping your body fight inflammation, give you high concentration and improve your blood flow. The other uses of magnesium for your body include strengthening bones, limiting muscle cramps and balancing blood sugar levels.

For a magnesium packed diet, here are foods rich in magnesium you should consider:


 Leafy greens

Make those kales and baby spinach your friends. Consuming greens raises your magnesium intake as they are rich in magnesium. Other than magnesium, you will also be getting the vital vitamins A,C and K that are abundant in green vegetables.


Beans, peas and green grams are examples of legumes rich in magnesium. You can find recipes and get down to having at least a cup of legumes as often as possible.

Aside from offering a load of magnesium, enjoying your bowl of lentils and other legumes lowers cholesterol, improves blood sugar and decreases heart disease risk.

 Fatty fish

Being a seafood lover is one. Understanding its benefits is another. When you indulge in half a filler of salmon, mackerel and halibut, you gain 53 mg of magnesium. You'll also get some omega-3 fatty acids which is great in boosting your immunity.

 Dark chocolate

Something for the sweet tooths. Choosing dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa solids or more gives more magnesium and offers more antioxidants - nutrients that neutralize free radicals, (harmful molecules that can damage your cells and lead to disease).


Get ready to go bananas with bananas, as they promise higher magnesium levels. A big banana will give you 37 mg of magnesium. Aside from this, they are rich in potassium which contributes greatly to the lowering of blood pressure.

 Seeds and whole grains

Packing your diet with whole grains and seeds raises your body magnesium bar higher. Flax seeds, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds taken daily promise to grant you a high magnesium content. Seeds are also rich in iron, monounsaturated fat and omega-3 fatty acids. Whole grains including wheat, oats, maize, millet and so on, are packed with magnesium and offer up to 65mg of Magnesium in a bowl serving. Also rich in fibre, whole grains are super foods important in controlling inflammation in the body.

Be sure to increase your magnesium intake by eating magnesium rich foods. A little a day, and you'll keep magnesium deficiency at bay.

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