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Five ways to protect your mental health at work

A toxic work environment can negatively affect mental health (Photo: Shutterstock)

Mental health issues are on the rise, with the pressure faced at work being a key propagator. Most people dedicate a lot of their time and lives in their work environment. It pays to say that, your work contributes a great percentage towards your health since it is where you get exposed to a lot of things.

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How exactly should you keep yourself at a balance during the grind and hustle? Here's how.

1. Get enough sleep

Our bodies are human computers so to speak and if you are well versed with these machines, charging its battery is very important. The same applies to our bodies.

To be more productive, you need up recharge. You may be able to go on an eighteen hour shift but it won't be long before your body tells you that it needs a break.

Ideally, you should sleep for eight hours. However, if you are unable to achieve this, take short naps during the day. Your work may have a provision for breaks. Consider using these periods to get that well needed rest.

2. Delegate tasks

You may be crashing mentally by carrying the whole world on your shoulders. It’s okay to acknowledge your limits and ask others for help. This is not a sign of weakness.

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Talk to your immediate boss if you feel you are overwhelmed and have little support from your co-workers. Once everyone in the chain fulfils their role as per their job description, the flow of work will be much smoother and you will be less stressed.

Don't take on more than you can chew and instead work as a team (Photo: Shutterstock)

3. Be organised

Are you the type whose office is filled with files and clutter from all corners? You can't even seem to find your pen which you had just three minutes ago? Save yourself the stress that comes as a result of a cluttered work space by getting organised.

Get a good filing system instead of heaping documents together. Get rid of unnecessary paperwork and try and go digital as much as possible. Keep the things you use often nearer you. Embracing the minimalistic attitude will ensure that your mental well-being and help you waste less time looking for things.

4. Get a mentor

Some people still think that having a mentor is old school and a waste of time. They couldn't be further from the truth.

Within the work environment, shaping your career on your own may be hard if you don't have someone to guide you. When you choose a mentor it will probably be someone who has been on the same if not similar career ladder that you’re on. Like a therapist, they provide much needed guidance on how to handle your fears, challenges and goals career-wise.

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Unlike your family, a mentor is able to listen from a professional perspective, and curate their advice without too much emotional baggage. Instead of dying with your work problems that your HR can't solve, a mentor can help you overcome them and find suitable solutions. A mentor is the perfect go-to buddy.

5. Let technology be your friend

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Technology can either make your job easier or waste your time. Thus, it is important to use it wisely. There are tasks that are made a thousand times faster and easier through the tap of a finger. Don't stress yourself by 'doing it yourself' while you can easily get a solution online or an app. Work smart!

Be wary of the signs of deteriorating mental health and seek medical assistance to restore your mental wellbeing. By understanding your body and mastering how it works, you can know when it's time to pull the plug from a toxic work environment.

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