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Baby Drago shares stories with the doc

I meet my daktari from when I was born, Dr Willy

So I am in ‘Heaven’ school.

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‘Play Group’ they call it, although, every day, we are doing a lot of things. Not just going to school to eat snacks and play.

Anyway, on Monday, we were at ‘Heaven’ school with Teacher Frenzy, waiting for the yellow school van to take us to our houses at three in afternoon.

Baby Drago feels so ill. I open my mouth, and I tapika all of my lunch.

Another boy he say ‘yuck’, but my friend, Olive, she run to Teacher Frenzy and say ‘Baby Drago is sick.’

Teacher Frenzy clean me, and I feel a bit better in the yellow school van.

We even sing a song, ‘the wheels on the bus go round and round,’ all through the town (estate) as we are dropped off, one by one.

When I get to house, my Daddy is waiting there for me, looking worried, and says: ‘My boy, you threw up?’

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‘Baby Drago alitapika huko shule,’ I say, and Daddy hugs me and give me a plastic cup of yoghurt – which I call ‘yogo yogo.’

I finish, then throw ‘yogo yogo’ up.

Daddy rings Mummy on his phone.

Then he tells my nanny, Alicia, he has to go for an interview on the other side of town, but he has called Uber to take ‘Baby Drago to the clinic.’

We go with Alicia in an Uber, sitting at back.

I see a matatu and start to shout ‘beba mbao’ but instead I tapika.

When we get to the clinic at Yaya, I am so happy to see my mommy. She is already there.

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‘Mummy, mummy,’ I shout, but she is looking so very worried.

She carries me inside, where I meet my daktari from when I was born, Dr Willy Mutsune.

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He always make me start to sing the song ‘momma call doctor, doctor say, no more monkey, jumping on the bed!’ when I see him.

The lab man laughs when I sing, and asks how old I am?

‘He’ll be three in April,’ my mummy says, and the lab man says I speak so nicely for a baby.

‘Tak-dirty,’ I ask Daktari, ‘you are going to give Baby Drago a shindano?’ I am so scared!

‘No, Baby Drago,’ the doctor says, then does anyway, after zubaishaing me with some stories.

They take my poo poo (in diaper) somewhere, and after a bit, my mummy comes back with dawas.

‘He’ll be fine,’ Dr Willy says reassuringly. ‘Let Baby take a couple of days off school to recover.’

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