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Six ways to calm a fussy baby

Sometimes it can be difficult knowing why your toddler is upset (Photo: Shutterstock)

No matter how adorable these little ones are, there is no sugar coating that babies can sometimes be a handful. Since toddlers cannot communicate effectively, it’s hard to know what’s wrong especially when you’ve already fed, burped and changed their diaper.

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To help maintain the peace, it’s important to learn a few techniques on how to calm them.

Not always a homerun, below are some helpful tips on how you can calm a fussy baby.

i. Rock

This is a classic way to soothe a crying baby. The movement helps them relax and can even allow them to drift to sleep if they are tired and irritated. If you have a traditional rocking chair, it will be very effective and also create some bonding time for you and the baby. Alternatively, electronic rockers are now available. The latter is also a great way to keep them calm and distracted especially when you have other things that require your attention.

Singing to your baby will help comfort them (Photo: Shutterstock)

ii. Sing

This is a great time to exercise your vocal skills even if you can barely sing. The great thing is that it’s not about being a professional. All your baby needs is to hear their parent’s voice. This will help comfort them when they are feeling a little stressed. You can also put some soothing music for them. Lullabies and other soothing songs stimulate serenity and calmness not just for babies but for adults as well. Use them.

iii. Massage

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We love massages and so do babies. They stimulate relaxation and blood flow. Certain massages are help get rid of excess gas that could be making your baby uncomfortable. Get familiar with baby massaging techniques because your baby will definitely appreciate them.

iv. Turn down the lights

Bright lights can trigger irritability in babies especially when they are tired. If they are feeling sleepy and there are bright lights all over the room, they will find it hard to go to sleep. When it’s close to bed time, help the little one by dimming the lights a little or even switching them off so that they can calm down and relax.

Rocking your baby can both sooth him and allow the two of you to bond (Photo: Shutterstock)

v. Go outside

Babies love the outdoors. For them it’s a whole new world that excites them. If your baby is sad and rejects any indoor entertainment, consider taking them out for fresh air. If you have a balcony, you can carry them and soak in the morning sun with them for a few minutes. These are great techniques to help them calm down.

vi. Rule out any medical issues

At times, babies can become fussier than usual. Although it’s common for babies to accept and reject different techniques for a while, there could be other underlying factors making them uncomfortable. If you notice that your baby is constantly crying and uneasy, visit a paediatrician. This will help you rule out any medical issues that could be making them irritable.

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