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Fuel it: Little nutrition hacks to keep you on track

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Many people fail in revamping their eating habits because the changes are often drastic and unsustainable. Making manageable changes to your eating habits can have long-term positive effects without putting you under too much pressure.

1. Drinking a glass of water before and after each meal will help you increase your water intake without having to overthink it.

2. Increase your fiber intake by eating a vegetable with each meal, including breakfast. Make sure to vary between cooked and raw veg.

3. Make meat-free Wednesdays a thing. Reduce your meat consumption by planning a weekly meet-free day for your household.

4. Reduce your sugar intake by cutting in half how much you put in hot drinks.

5. Eating out less often helps you control how your food is prepared and your portion sizes. It is also kinder on your pocket.

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