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Love It: 12 self-care goals for every month

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2020 is the year to practice self-care. Take a twelve-step journey to let go of your old life and grow into your new.

Jan - Exercise improves your physical and mental well-being for the New Year

Feb - Pamper yourself for Valentines

Mar - Support other women in their life, business and love endeavours

April - Cut out processed foods, red meat and alcohol for lent

May - Spring clean your house and your life for a fresh start

June- Mid-year reflection on the impact of the changes you have implemented to date

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July - Start journaling to keep your mind organised and give you the benefit of hindsight

Aug - Start a new hobby, go travelling, indulge in all the things you have put off for years

Sept - Reinforce your financial plan.                     

Oct - Focus on your mental and spiritual health and well-being.

Nov - Do a gratitude challenge to give thanks for all the blessings in your life

Dec - Prioritise growing and developing familial relationships

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