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My word: What do you do with your mountain of goals?

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If you’re like me, you are sitting there wondering what ‘resolutionistic’ thing in the world someone is supposed to do while ‘resting’ on the first weekend of the year.

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You can’t sit down and munch on something while watching a movie, or nap the afternoon away because, no, that would be too irresponsible. The year hasn’t even began and you’re already slacking. You’re supposed to be doing something more intelligent, more fulfilling, more…well, you know.

So the year hasn’t even began. You’re still waiting for the part where you actually get to practise your resolutions. Perhaps still waiting to go back to work so you can be more aggressive, more ambitious, more hardworking…and all those things you told yourself you would be.

You’re still waiting to be stuck in town at around lunch time so you can resist walking into a fast food joint and getting a cheap, greasy meal that will leave you feeling full but very guilty.

And you’re waiting to restart your morning routine so you can line up that activity you promised yourself you would start this year; exercises on the carpet before breakfast or hitting the gym after work, less gadget time and more parenting time with the children, cooking and not passing by Mama Brian’s kibanda for chapos on the way home?

So what exactly do you do in these first few awkward days of the year?

The only answer I can think of is to continue living and simply making better choices one at a time.

Before you know it, the year will be over and you will have a series of good choices to look back on. Enjoy your year!

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