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Six ways women can win in 2020

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With 2020 around the corner, it is a good time to lay out a strategy for your career or business. We speak to some professionals for some tips.

1. Set goals and go for them

Sammy Kirui, Operations Manager, Panari Group

How can women win the gender game in 2020?

They should be go-getters because whatever a woman sets her mind to do she achieves it. Believing in oneself and being honest will make others respect and relay on you.

What have you learnt from your past failures?

You have to be dedicated because reality of life is that you need to be sure in what you are doing. I am in this position because I have learnt from mistakes in the past.

Understanding is more important and lastly team work will lead to accomplishments of the desired goals.

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2. Go for opportunities

Rachel Muthoni, Manager of 'Wamlambez' hitmakers Sailors

How can women win the gender game in 2020?

Women should just go for it, be determined and have a goal. Go against the odds that have been placed on society about what men can do, women can't do.

People think managers especially in the music industry is for men alone but by going against the odds we've scooped four awards today. It's all about going against all odds and determination.

How do you get your voice heard in a male dominated place?

Being bold and outspoken is something that will earn you the respect that one ought to be given. People will listen and respect you.

3. Stay empowered

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Andrew Onyuka, Head of Operations, Aces and Light Company Ltd

How women can win the gender game in 2020?

Women have become empowered and aggressive and that the direction they should continue taking. Women are now taking us head on in every aspect we are doing.

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As a leader, what are some of the traits great leaders poses?

The ability to be fair to look beyond the gender bias. Sometimes you may overlook somebody but what they possess as a skill is a parallel out there. If you can be fair and forget gender bias then you'll be ok as a leader.

4. Believe in themselves

Stellah Njogu, Assistant Food & Beverage Manager- Banquets, The Panari Group

How can women win the gender game in 2020?

Believing in themselves and that they are better than men and stop being their worst enemy.

Between family and job what comes first?

Family of course, but sometimes you find the job and timings sometimes overpower the family but family first.

If you might go back 20 years ago, what would you advise your young self that you've learnt now?

I would advise myself to have kids early then pursue career later.

 5. Speak out

Hillary Akoto, Head of sales, Global Exhibitions Inc, an MIE Group company

How can women win the gender game in 2020?

It's their right and something they need to stand for, fight for and look at having an affirmative action.

It is only by speaking out their mind that they will gain the respect owed to them.

What can men do to help close the gender gap?

As a man I need to respect a lady, give her the voice to articulate the issues that affect her and let me accept the fact that she will do the right thing when given the opportunity.

6. Take the initiative

Nadia Mukami, Entrepreneur

How can women win the gender game in 2020?

Women should be inclusive and whatever men are doing we should also be doing. It's a world whereby everyone can do it. Inclusion is very important.

What is your mantra?

Hard work and patience equal success.

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