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Guide to surviving ocha this December

After staying in the city for an entire year, ocha may not be as blissful as you want it to be (Shutterstock)

December holidays are slightly longer and allow you to take a break and sometimes visit your home back in ocha. After staying in the city for an entire year, ocha may not be as blissful as you want it to be and this doesn’t always make it easy for your visit.

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However, there are tips you can apply to ensure your visit to ocha is smooth and bearable. Some of these helpful tips include

  1. Engaging in fun activities

While being in ocha probably denies you the privilege of using your gadgets to log into your social media accounts or browse online, you can look for alternative fun activities. This is the best time to take walks in the serene environment or maybe spend time looking after domestic animals.

  1. Have a proper plan

Going to shags requires adequate and prior planning so that you can identify things you will have to do, and even people you will hang out with. Inadequate planning will disorient you right away as will have no idea of what you should when you wake up the following day. While planning, you might consider including a schedule for what you want to do on each day of your stay.

  1. Feeling at home, literally

You are at a good place. This is also your home. But it is something else trying to your mind that you are in a good place when you feel otherwise. While in shags, you need to shut off all ideas you have of your house back in the city. You have to stop wishing you were back there. Settle down in and even let the activities in ocha grow on you. This settling feeling will allow you to embrace your new environment much better.

  1. Get dirty

Many activities carried out in ushago involve getting dirty. Such activities include farming or looking after farm animals. Getting dirty means you are involved in all these activities and this takes your mind from your town home and leaves you fully engaged at home.

  1. Observe hygiene

Since he setup at ushago is different from the one you are accustomed to, you might find it hard to observe maximum hygiene like you are used to. However hard it may be for you, you should try to be as hygienic as possible to avoid exposing your body to disease causing organisms.

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  1. Enjoy family moments

December holidays spent in ushago are all about hanging out with family and close relatives. While there, try to create memorable family moments by eating together, storytelling or taking walks together. This not only makes life easier for you but also brings your family close to you

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