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Six facts about pregnancy you should know

 Pregnancy and parenting bring a new experience to the parents' lives (Photo: Shutterstock)

The world of pregnancy and parenting brings a whole new experience to parents' life. For the first time, you get to experience how it feels like to carry a blessing inside of you.

Understanding pregnancy isn’t only for those who are expectant. Even those who wish to have a baby one day are often intrigued by the different aspects revolving around it.

To avoid being shocked by some of the new things you might experience during pregnancy, here are some of the facts to know about it.

i. Heart rate increases

During pregnancy, the volume of your blood increases by up to 50% as the baby develops. Your heart needs to pump extra blood and work more than it usually does and it is likely to increase in size. Since your heart is doing more work, don’t be too alarmed when you notice your heart is beating faster than usual, it’s normal for that to happen. If it gets to the point where things don’t seem normal, ensure that you visit your doctor immediately.

ii. Exercise is essential

One of the main things that doctors recommend for expectant mothers is exercise. This means light workouts and stretches which will help keep you fit and your heart healthy during this period, since the heart strains a lot. Experts suggest that expectant mothers should do at least a 30 minute workout every day. You can also go for swimming as a mode of exercise.

iii. Weight gain

Many women fear getting pregnant because of the hustle of losing the baby weight. Research shows that not all women put on a lot of weight during pregnancy. Every woman, just like every pregnancy is different meaning that you might or might not put on a lot of weight when you’re pregnant.

Factors such as hormones and morning sickness can make maintaining your calorie intake hindering weight gain. Your diet also matters. If you try to eat as healthily as possible, you are likely to put on less weight and lose it more easily.

 Certain aspects of pregnancy vary from woman to woman, pregnancy to pregnancy (Photo: Shutterstock)

iv. Cravings

This is one aspect about pregnancy that fascinates many. People often imagine that when you get pregnant, you’ll start craving so many random things like a half-beef half-chicken samosa. That is not always the case. Some women don’t even get cravings at all. It’s true that many crave vegetables, sugary or salty snacks, among other things. However, this isn’t the case for every expectant mother.

v. Babies know their mother’s voice

In the last few weeks before delivery, your baby is able to recognize your voice. At this point, most of the organs have fully developed so they can listen to sounds. This is an amazing and natural instinct that definitely bonds mothers and their children. You can sing and talk to your baby because they can hear you.

vi. You can never truly know what to expect

If you are planning to have your first child or even add another member to the family, it’s hard to know exactly what will take place. You might take in advice from as many sources as are available but take them as advice and not the norm. With each pregnancy, there are general expectations that are standard but others are dependent on different factors specific to you.

Also, keep in mind that each pregnancy is different. You might have had a rough first pregnancy full of mood swings, cravings and morning sickness but that doesn’t mean it will be the case for your second or third pregnancy.

While these points should give you a general idea of what you should expect during pregnancy, everybody is different and our bodies are constantly changing so you can never truly know what to expect.

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