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My word: What’s holding you back?

It’s normal to have feelings but it’s unhealthy to have them to a certain degree (Image: Shutterstock)

You may be lost in a sea of unmet expectations, low self-esteem or disillusionment.

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Perhaps you are even stuck in a state of low-motivation, where a negative voice in your head fills you with resentment or doubt and makes you want to do less than ever.

Or perhaps you are just feeling overwhelmed and haven’t mastered the practice of breaking tasks down into manageable chunks. Or you are so used to feeling helpless that you are now struggling to let go of that state of mind.

Do you live with chronic people-pleasing behaviour? Do you avoid certain responsibilities because they just aren’t fun?

It’s normal to have feelings but it’s unhealthy to have them to the degree where they affect your decisions, or your personality or your outlook on life. Sometimes they affect entire sections of your life – like your marriage, or your faith or your career.

The problem comes when you repeat a behaviour, and through repetition, it becomes automatic. It becomes a habit.

What habits are holding you back?


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Christine Koech, Editor, Eve

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