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Natural hair care: Signs your hair needs a protein treatment

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When our hair begins to have undesirable results, we find solace in concluding that moisturizing will make it all better. Inasmuch as moisture is important for hair, it is not always what your hair requires.

Our hair is almost entirely made up of protein, which is consequently lost during different hair treatments. This means that our kinky coils need protein treatments every once in a while. Not sure if that’s what you need? Below are signs that will take get rid of the guesswork.

1. High hair porosity

Hair that has very porous readily absorbs moisture, any moisture be it from a treatment or from the atmosphere and then it gets frizzy. This hair type also tends to lose moisture very fast leaving your hair dry. If you have excessively frizzy or dry hair apply a protein treatment. This will nourish it by strengthening the hair strands enabling them to retain moisture better.

2. Lack of elasticity

Healthy wet hair typically stretches out and bounces back to its original state. When your hair loses elasticity it doesn’t revert back to its natural state when you stretch it. Instead, it stays straight or worse, breaks. A protein treatment will help restore strength to your hair strands giving them bounce and preventing breakage.

3. Stringy and limp looking hair

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When hair begins to droop and look flat or limp instead of full and bouncy then it’s in need of a protein treatment. Some people tend to add in more hair styling product to try to compensate for bad hair. Introducing more products to weak hair only compromises your hair’s health and will consequently weigh it down making it appear stringy.

4. Sticky or gummy feeling hair

When your hair develops an odd, almost mushy feel especially during wash days that could be a sign of intense damage. Over moisturizing and frequent chemical treatments are some of the ways your hair could get this displeasing texture. In order to help your hair get to a healthy state, apply a protein treatment.

5. Colour treatments

Dyeing your hair could result in changes in hair texture due to the dye formula. Additionally, hair dyes work by lifting the cuticles to obtain results. This process exposes the hair to damage by increasing its porosity. Intense colouring also weakens the hair bonds making it break and resulting in split ends. Before you embark on a hair colouring procedure, ensure to implement a protein treatment first or make use of a protein-infused dye.

6. Excessive shedding

You naturally shed hair when you comb it. It is however not normal to lose hair especially when it doesn’t originate from the root. This is an indication that the hair strands are weak due to protein loss. You, therefore, need to incorporate a protein treatment into your hair regime.

As much as moisture is needed for healthy hair, so is protein. Protein plays an important role in strengthening the hair. Protein treatments also work to prevent hair from getting damaged when applied before hair treatments such as heating.

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