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Seven ways to handle rejection like a boss

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We all go through rejection, at one point or the other be it from a job you applied for, an idea you had that was thrown out the window or, and this one hurts even more, from someone you like. There’s no denying it, rejection stings.

Whether inflicted by someone we love or a group of persons in a social setting, it is never a good idea to hide or ignore the pain that comes from being pushed aside.

Instead, you have to acknowledge and face it. No matter how overwhelming and hard it may be to understand, there are some amazing tips to help you deal with rejection especially from that person you have been eyeing for the longest time.

1. Pre-plan

They say that prevention is better than cure and the same can be applied to handling rejection. When you have a crush and are planning to ask them out or ask them to be your partner, rejection is always a possibility. One of the ways of accepting the possibility of rejection is understanding that things may not always go the way we expect them to. Have a mature mindset and this will definitely be the starting point of dealing with the possibility of rejection.

2. Practice patience

One great way of dealing with rejection is giving yourself time to heal. Sometimes we are expected to bounce back immediately and be strong after rejection. This isn’t always the case. Understand that you are human and that it is okay to take time to recover. Process what has happened as you figure out your next step. Take a holiday if you must and be patient with yourself. Allow yourself time to go through the motions and heal.

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3. Get a good support system

Having friends and family you can rely on helps you deal with rejection better. They can definitely give you great advice on how to deal with the issue. Friends and family also help you realize that you are still important to others even when circumstances make you feel otherwise. Do not be afraid to reach out to some good people when you feel down.

4. Get some solo time

After a the rejection, you might feel like you need to avoid social events for some time. Don’t feel guilty for needing some alone time. This is a great way to help you understand yourself and also recognize some of the factors that might have led to the rejection. Taking time to be alone will also save you from numbing your feelings of rejection with drinking or partying too much with friends. Give yourself time to have a clear mind for an easier time.

5. Work on yourself

One key element of bouncing back is taking care of yourself. This is a great way to find yourself. Get that gym subscription if you need to, book a session with a therapist or change your hair colour.  These are just small ways in which you can appreciate yourself more and build a sense of self-worth.

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6. Positive mental space

When you are experiencing rejection, it can be difficult to be in a positive mental space. An essential way of getting over rejection is working on some of the negative mindsets that don’t serve any beneficial purpose. Learn how to recognize some of the triggers for depression and other mental illnesses that develop as a result of a rejected marriage proposal and other forms of relationship-related rejections. Be honest with yourself and accept that the rejection might not be your fault as you start building a conducive environment for recovery.

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7. Be strong

One way of dealing with rejection is facing your fears head-on. It is important to understand that rejection is part of life and that you can move on even after it happens. You are most definitely worthy of love and finding someone who will appreciate you. Keep your head high and keep soaring.

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