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Head games: Lupita inspired

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Need to give your hair a break? Try this side puff, borrowed from the hairstyle that actress Lupita Nyong'o rocked during a screening at the 71st annual Cannes Film Festival last year.

1. Ensure your hair is clean and well conditioned. Straighten it using a blow dryer on low heat.

2. Brush your hair up into a ponytail and use a small hairband to hold it.

3. Place an afro hair extension slightly to the side and use hairpins to pin it at the base of the ponytail.

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4. Arrange the front part as you position the hair extension to your comfort then secure it with bobby pins.

5. Use hair sheen spray to give your puff a bit of shine.

Photos: Jenipher Wachie

Model: Wambui Nderitu

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Make-up: Cathy Nderitu

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