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Tips on how to pack smart

Taking a trip is something everyone always looks forward to, but the hardest part is packing without leaving anything you will need. Not to mention exceeding your luggage limit. Frustrating, we relate! Here’s the salvation:

1. Wear Your Heaviest Clothing

Do not waste your precious space by jamming your heaviest items in your luggage. If you are carrying boots and jackets with you, make sure you wear the boots and carry the coat in your hands. These heavy items can take up valuable space and add unnecessary weight to your luggage. 

2. Invest in Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are an amazing way to organize your luggage and can also be used to utilize all sorts of strategies. You can use them to organize by the colour, clothing type, which day you want to wear what and what outfit matches with what accessory. This helps to make things easier and you will not need to unfold your clothes all the time while looking for one specific outfit. Do not use plastic packing cubes as they trap moisture. The moisture can make your clothes wet and funky especially during the hot season.

3. Store Items in Shoes

A smart packing hack is to take advantage of your luggage space with the shoes you are carrying. Shoes can be a weak point when packing but if you utilize a smart strategy for packing the space inside your shoes can be of benefit. Keep things like your socks, a glass bottle of perfume in your shoes. This not only saves space but it also helps to protect the fragile items in transit.

4. Invest in Insoles

Your stylish expensive shoes can turn out to be uncomfortable when you travel. Instead of purchasing new shoes, buy insoles which help in soothing your heels while walking around.

5. Get a Dirty Shoe Bag

Travel with at least three pairs of shoes that are comfortable and can be worn with any of your outfits. Avoid high heels which may be tedious during a trip.To protect your clothes use a smaller bag to carry your shoes before and after the trip. You can use a disposable laundry bag for this. 

6. Don’t Pack the Soap

There is no need to pack soap because hotels always have them. Easy toiletries such as shampoo and bathing soap and can be left at home since they are always found in hotels. An exception can be made with products like face wash and face lotions which everyone uses a specific type and are not provided by hotels.

7. Toiletry Bags Are Gold

Store all the liquids and toiletries that you need in a toiletry bag. This can save your clothes from getting ruined from makeup, getting cut by a razor, getting soiled by any other liquids you may have carried. You can use a regular toiletry bag or a hanging one which can be good if you have a number of toiletries to carry and can also be used to keep your stuff off the counter.

8. Less is Always More

Many people tend to overpack, but if you are smart and pack light this always leads to a less stressful and enjoyable trip. The night before your trip, go through your bag and remove what your do not need. In order to avoid leaving things in hotel rooms and having no space for anything new you might want to buy while on the trip.

9. Plan Before You Go

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Planning your outfits can help you while packing for a trip. You can do a test run at home for your specific trip and see how different outfits would look on you depending on where you are going. Choose different outfits then mix and match and keep in mind that the colour black goes with everything and shy away from colours that are clashing.

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