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Green flags that tell you he is the one

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Everyone is well versed in the red flags of a bad partner but how do you know when someone is good for you.

These few steps can help you identify if your partner is a keeper.

1. They are the first person you want to share good or bad news with

Every time something good or bad happens, they are your first call. Your partner has become a reliable sounding board for you and they are always the first person you want to share anything that happens in your life. You celebrate your wins and losses with them and they always offer a listening ear and a shoulder to lean without judgement.

2. You’re the real, authentic ‘you’ around them

When you are with someone you connect with, you automatically become your authentic self. You are comfortable with this person and act as you do when you’re alone. You snort when you laugh and you rant after a long day at work knowing that they will not judge you.

3. They communicate, even on a bad day

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A good partner understands that communication is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship. They are consistent with calls and texts when you are apart and they are always engaged during conversations. Whenever they are unhappy with a situation they find the most polite way to air their issues without offending you or coming along as condescending. They maintain the same communication pattern they had when wooing you and make it even better with time. Instead of running away from conflict, they always want to see it through with you.

4. They compromise easily

It has been said that it is unhealthy for couples not to fight. Couples with an intention of staying together for long have one thing on their mind whenever they argue; the fact that they are on the same team.  It does not matter what you are arguing about, at the end of the day, one of you will have to compromise and this comes without them thinking twice about it. They put you and your needs first and are always ready to compromise. This, however, has to be vice versa. 

5. Your close friends are big fans

All your friends have had a front row seat of your dating life and they are your biggest fans. They have been there for you through the good, the bad and ugly and have always found common ground without taking sides. Your friends know the unhealthy relationship patterns you could be trying to nip and this makes them qualified to give their opinion on your new partner and the impact the person has had on you and your life. 

Early on in the relationship, ask yourself if you are confident that your new lover will get your friends’ approval or if they are going to remind you that you might be falling back to you old dating patterns.

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6. You are proud to call them your partner

Despite any ups and downs, you’re proud to have this person by your side and they feel the same way about you. You are proud to have known each other and have one another.  Falling in love is a beautiful thing and one of the best things one can experience. When you are in love, your partners shine tends to rub on you. It does not matter what this person does, you are proud of every little step they make and every milestone they reach and vice versa. 

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