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Five ways to detox your closet

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If you find yourself struggling to put an outfit together because of a jammed and cluttered closet, consider yourself a perfect candidate for a closet detox.

Before you think of making your next purchase, it is probably a good idea to purge your closet space. Not a small undertaking, to properly attack the clothes you will probably need a day or two depending on how much you have. Remember, no good thing comes easy. It will take some time to create something you love.

Whether you choose to do an overhaul detox or a simple one, the objective here is to determine which items you wear, which you don’t, and which you should be wearing more.

While it may sound like a behemoth of a task, clearing your closet space will be one of the most liberating things you do so let’s get started.

  1. Prepare

Make a mental note or better still, take a photo of your closet before to act as a reminder of where you never want to go back to. You’ll be surprised at how inspired it will make you feel.

First things first. Before you begin, you need a game plan. The right plan will help you save time and enjoy the process which may otherwise be very daunting. Grab hangers, storage bags, a large bin, food and some good music. The right mood will make it so much easier and you don’t have to leave things half way to go get something.

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  1. Divide and conquer

Now that you have come this far, sort your clothes according to what works for you. For example, you can have work outfits, social, special, casual and sleep wear in different piles. Only put those that you are sure you will wear on one side and put the rest aside.

  1. Sort

Pick a criteria you can use to determine what stays and what goes. For instance, if it’s torn, too small or big, faded or unrepairable then it has to go. And please don’t hold on to items hoping they will be trending next season. Part of the reason you’re here is because of such bad judgement and emotional purchases that always lead to hoarding. Let it go!

  1. Get rid of unnecessary baggage

Now that you have curated pieces of what you love, decide what to do with the rest. You can choose to donate, sell or throw away depending on how bad they are. As you do this, you may be tempted to hold on to some stuff. Don’t! Remember separation anxiety is real and that’s probably all you’re going through. However, with every rule there’s an exception. You don’t have to get rid of anything if it has sentimental value. Could be a gift or a special occasion outfit you don’t want to get rid of. Find a separate place to keep them.

  1. Clean and arrange

After cleaning you now have a blank canvas to work with. Honour that beautiful space by hanging and folding clothes neatly. To maintain this always make sure everything is where it is supposed to be. Lastly, make this a habit. You can do a closet overhaul and detox once or twice a year.

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