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How to recover from infidelity

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‘All is fair in love and war’ they like to say, but when one decides to step out of the sanctity that is a monogamous relationship, several aspects of life are distorted. The initial shock of infidelity from a partner or spouse can cause more adverse effects than just endless sobs into your pillow at night. With time, the pain does decrease, but one is never really the same again. Having risen from the depths of depression caused by heartache, here are some ways you can recover from infidelity:

1. Mourn the loss

Just like we mourn the passing on of loved ones, mourn the loss of your relationship. The circumstances around the loss maybe less than ideal but allow yourself to feel, allow yourself to grieve. Don’t push away the feelings, the hurt or the anger. You are allowed to mourn how you choose. There isn’t a time frame or steps set in stone that indicate when you will recover. A broken heart doesn’t heal like a flesh wound. It takes time.

2. You are not to blame

This may seem like a statement straight out of Pinterest but you are not to blame. No matter what condition your relationship was in, you are not to blame for your significant other deciding to cheat. He/she chose consciously to be unfaithful. Their brain made the decision for them and they went ahead. You had nothing to do with it. Your partner/spouse may try to turn the tables on you and play the victim but the only victim here is you. He/she has no right to blame you for something they did.

3. What next?

At this point you need to decide what is the next step in your relationship. Are you willing to work things out with your significant other or are you walking away. It is a tough decision to make but one that needs to be made nonetheless.

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4. Journey to forgiveness

An old saying states ‘forgiveness isn’t necessarily for the wrong doer but it heals the one that was done wrong to‘ or something off the sought, I'm sure it sounds better in folklore. By letting it go and forgiving the deceiver/cheater doesn’t mean you’re a sap or a fool, it just means you are not willing to have the toxicity of hate within your heart and soul. Forgiveness doesn’t come easy it takes a long time. But take if from someone who’s been there, letting it go was the best decision I ever made for my peace of mind.

5. Talk to someone

This may seem daunting but talking to someone about what you’re going through helps in the healing process. Talking to a third party who has no relation to your life such as a psychologist or relationship expert can help you streamline your thoughts. A qualified practitioner has the tools than help you heal and sometimes you just need someone who will listen to you without offering their opinions or passing judgement.

These are but some ways to help you recover from infidelity but the healing process is not easy. Take as much time as you need and seek help. Don’t WADE the treacherous waters alone. A problem shared is half solved.

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