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Why you shouldn’t wash your hair daily

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Uh-oh, devotees of a daily hair wash - there's some bad news regarding your regime.

Pantene expert hairstylist Barney Martin has decreed that no one should be washing their hair every day.

"But I have naturally greasy and fine hair," you cry! Tough, you still need to hold out longer.

Martin has put together a list of common hair types and said, for each, how often you need to be washing your hair.

The only exception to his rule about skipping the daily wash are swimmers.

1. Greasy/oily hair

People with oily skin are likely to also have oily hair.

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If this sounds like you, the temptation can be to wash your hair every day, but this strips your hair of these much-needed natural oils.

Instead of doing this, you should shampoo every other day and simply rinse your hair with water on the days between washes.

2. Thick, curly hair

People lucky enough to have thick, curly hair should only wash their hair every third day.

Your hair type means your tresses are more porous, so they're more likely to get dried out and dehydrated by over-washing.

Try rinsing without shampoo on the days in between washes and always use a conditioner when you do a proper wash.

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3. Fine hair

Similarly to oily hair, fine hair can get limp in between washes - but that doesn't mean you need to do it every day.

Again, every other day should be OK and you can have a spritz with just water should you need to get rid of any excess oils.

4. Gym goers and swimmers

Yep, even gym bunnies don't get permission from Martin to wash every day. They too should try just rinsing with water then adding a little dry shampoo after workouts.

Swimmers, however, should wash after each swim with shampoo to get rid of all traces of chlorine or salt water.

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