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My word: Once loved, twice treasured

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It was a long, flowy skirt that hit my ankles at just the right spot.

The waist had elastic cleverly hidden behind the perfectly cinched fabric.

It was just like the Bohemian skirts that were in style at the time – but as far as I knew, mine had a one-of-a-kind pattern, unlike similar ‘Kenya Uniform’ skirts that lined the pavements in front of every apparel shop on the street.

My skirt was not only unique, it was one of the first clothing items I had bought with my own money and without my mother’s help. I had come across it in a second hand clothing stall in a neighbourhood alley and had only paid a few coins. What a steal! It was my pride and joy.

I have fond memories of that skirt from my teen years. I don’t remember what happened to it – it was probably handed down to my sister and then to a visiting cousin. This skirt ushered in my financial independence and helped me nurture my budding sense of style.

Perhaps this initial thrift shopping success sowed my love for thrift treasures. Saving money from buying second hand items took me through high school, university and into my working years.

Now that I have children, I have rediscovered the joy in turning once-loved items into twice-loved treasures. From books and toys to random denim jackets and genuine leather handbags, there’s no better feeling than paying a tenth of the price for a rare find that could have come right off the pages of a designer catalog or fashion magazine.

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We’d love to see your thrift treasures. Send your pictures to [email protected] and we’ll help you marvel at your lucky fashion finds.

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