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Girl code: Love does make the world go round

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Has love ever made you feel like you can buy the whole world and still have some money in your account to dish out? Love always has a way of giving us a sense of inexplicable peace and belonging. Even when you’re going through a tough time in your life, if you are in love and you are loved right back, everything else tends to fall into place. You are more likely to give up if you are equally missing out on love.

Somehow, those in stable relationships seem to easily wade through the murky waters of life. Being loved has a way of holding us together even when the whole world is tearing us apart. No wonder we have a whole lot of people always happy -- not because they have it all figured out in life but because they have love with them.

Have a look at those who have missed out on love -- I mean those who have faced rejection from people they love or those in complicated relationships. You will never want to be around them for more than an hour. If they aren’t whining, they are cursing or throwing tantrums all over. They are so bitter with life that they will tend to view everyone as a possible enemy.

These are people who would never want to see anyone around them happy. They believe that if they aren’t happy, then no one else should be. They will work hook and crook to ensure your life is miserable. Woe unto you if you give them the opportunity. If they see you with your spouse, they will check in with the spirit of subtraction and start subtracting all the good things they see in your spouse. If they aren’t talking ill about your spouse’s height, then they will concentrate on the weight or even the complexion. They will even claim to have no taste for people like that.

If they see you enjoying some pizza, they will show up and start saying how much they hate pizza and that it’ s not even good for our health. All of a sudden, they become nutritionists. If your love delivers you lovely flowers in the office, they will even ask you what type of a bee you are to deserve flowers. These people will always be on the verge of breaking down and they will prevent it by stepping on other people’s happiness.

On the other hand, have a close look at those who are head over heels in love (with someone or with themselves). These people will smile at anything and everything, including furniture around them. If you work in the same office with such people, you will realise they walk into the office every morning with so much energy and excitement -- like they own the whole organisation. They will even give the security at the gate a high five as they check in.

This is unlike their counterparts suffering in love. You wouldn’t want to meet them in the morning! You wouldn’t even want to sit next to them in public transport as you are headed to work. They are ever ready to go for anyone’s neck; they might even ask you to stop breathing loudly next to them.

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One once asked me to open the window in a matatu yet it was drizzling outside and I was the one sitting next to the window. When I told her that I could not open it because I would be rained on, she asked me if I was made of potassium to react with water. These humans have ready answers I tell you. Don’t ask me how I knew she was suffering in love, I can eavesdrop even in the noisiest of places. The many phone calls she made next to me sold her out.

I urge you all to give love the seriousness it deserves. Somehow, everything we say or do revolves around love. It doesn’t matter what kind of love it is (even self-love), love just makes the world go round. Don’t be the reason someone becomes a pain in the ass to other people. Love and love unconditionally. Kill them with love!


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