Evewoman : Nike advert branded 'disgusting' for showing woman with armpit hair

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Nike advert branded 'disgusting' for showing woman with armpit hair

A picture of a model with armpit hair (Photo: Instagram)

Last week people were lashing out at Gilette over an advert which showed a woman shaving her arms.

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People were furious that the company were suggesting women needed to remove hair from yet another part of their body.

This week, people are furious that a woman hasn't removed a bit of her body hair.

Instagram users have slammed a photo on Nike Women's account, in which a model in a sports bra is seen to have a little hair on her armpit.

Nike posted the photo of model Annahstasia on Wednesday and captioned the shot: "Big mood".

More than 172,000 people have liked the post, with some sharing their love for the image.

One person commented: "This photo is beautiful on so many levels, love the bra and the model's confidence."

Another said: "Thank you Nike for your support of being natural."

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However lots of people weren't so impressed with the picture, branding it "disgusting".

People are divided over a photo of a woman with armpit hair (Photo: Instagram)

"This is not freedom, this is not a type of 'I love my body', this is bull****, shave that s***," proclaimed one angry user.

A second wrote: "Horrible PR move. Less than one percent of your female target market doesn't shave. Wtf is going on?"

"It's disgusting," added a third.

This backlash prompted others to hit back at the haters.

"Stop degrading her just because she has body hair! You don't say the same about men with armpit hair. Her body, her choice," one user responded.

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Someone else posted: "I'm so embarrassed at the fact that most of the negative comments I see are from other women, if it's your personal choice to shave, that's okay. Stop f***ing shaming others, this doesn't make anyone disgusting or less of a woman because you are hairy.

"I saw many people say to stop trying to make this a 'thing', that's not the pint. The point is having a choice and how it isn't a bad thing if you choose not to shave."

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A third said: "Some of y'all armpits aren't even shaved right now, so hush."

Nike have been contacted for comment.



Big mood @annahstasia.

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