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School bans pupils from handing out party invites to avoid kids getting upset

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Witnessing a child being excluded by their classmates is incredibly painful.

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It's upsetting for the child, and it's also heartbreaking for the parents.

Whether we like it or not, it's not an uncommon scenario - kids can be cut-throat (and parents can be pretty mean too when planning parties and gatherings etc.

However, one school's attempt to tackle this issue has come under fire.

Mosman Public School in Sydney has now implemented a rule whereby party invites have to be sent by email.

Pupils at the primary school are no longer allowed to hand out paper invitations at the playground or in class to avoid kids who've not been invited having their feelings hurt.

According to The Daily Telegraph, parents have also been advised to discourage their children from talking about their planned party while at school.

The catalyst for the school's ban came about after a pupil became upset at not being included in a classmate's party.

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But a number of parents have expressed their outrage at the school's actions.

"It's going too far, we have to build resilient kids," one outraged parent told the publication.

"You can't give birthday invitations by paper (at the school), only by email and you must tell your children not to talk about the party."

What do you think? Is this a step too far?

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