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Monobrow model shocks fans, reveals she gets death threats over eyebrows

Sophia Hadjipanteli

A model whose monobrow has helped her garner a huge Instagram following has revealed that she regularly receives death threats over her eyebrows.

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Sophia Hadjipanteli appeared on a morning show- Good Morning Britain- to speak about her modelling career and the host, Piers Morgan, was enchanted.

After saying that she was "beguiling in person", he told her: "It's weird, I'm feeling it, I'm feeling the monobrow."

Asked when she had decided to stop plucking her monobrow, Sophia said: "I wish there was one specific moment where I stopped plucking my monobrow."

She revealed that she had grown up in a "very conservative area of Maryland" and that she had struggled with being difficult.

"What's the reaction on the street?" Piers asked.

"I definitely get a lot of negative reactions," she said, revealing that a lot of negativity she received was from online, adding: "I get a lot of death threats."

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Piers blasted the death threats "disgusting" as other viewers praised her uniqueness.

One tweeted: "Sophia was such a nice person to listen to compared to some of these super models who think they’re so superior ! It’s only an eyebrow why be so nasty about it ??"

While another commented: " Death threats due to her monobrow? Humans really are sad t***s... They’re just eyebrows! #GMB."

A third remarked: "Anyone who sends a death threat over a monobrow needs to reevaluate their life #GMB."

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