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Vlogger Chantelle Petit shares traumatic fistula journey

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Fans of Chantelle Petit are relieved to hear that the vlogger was finally discharged after a traumatic 28 days in hospital.

Since welcoming her bundle of joy in January, Chantelle’s journey was anything but blissful motherhood. She had to undergo up to three surgeries after she welcomed her baby girl. The new mother suffered birth complications that forced her to undergo reconstructive fistula surgery after a 3rd degree tear during delivery. What followed was a painful experience where she could not hold her baby for more than five minutes or sit and walk properly. It was heartbreaking just to hear her describe the amount of pain she would experience while trying to use the bathroom.

In a video released this week, Chantelle revealed that she had finally left the hospital. Though she was due for her fourth surgery after a month. In her video, she was finally able to stand for a while, and sit for short periods of time. She also had to enlist the help of a home nurse to be able to tend to her wounds.

Her experience has brought to light the mental, emotional and physical challenges women endure during and after childbirth. But more importantly the plight of women who develop fistula following childbirth. According to an Amref Health Africa report, over 6 million women in Kenya suffer from obstetric fistula. Most of the affected fail to seek medical attention due to stigma and shame associated with the condition caused by obstructed or prolonged labour due to lack of skilled health care.

Chantelle was able to realistically express the difficult experience of battling fistula and in effect raising awareness about the condition. She also highlighted the high cost of medical care that came with fistula treatment which forced her to make a plea for funds to help clear her medical bill.  

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