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Easy recipes: Crusted cheese, tomato and egg sandwich

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This sandwich is flavourful yet simple to make. This is my own version of the sandwich, inspired by British chef and restaurateur Jamie Oliver. I used ordinary store-bought bread, tomatoes, eggs and cheddar cheese. The secret in getting a good outer crust is to grate the cheese on a hot non-stick pan than place the sandwich on top of the cheese for about 30 seconds.

What you will need:

6- 8 slices of bread

3 tomatoes sliced

4 eggs

Salt and pepper to taste

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2 tablespoons oil

50g butter

200g cheddar cheese (grated)

What to do:

In a non-stick pan over medium heat, break one egg over a teaspoon of oil, sprinkle some salt and pepper over it as it cooks then arrange some tomato slices on it. Flip the egg so that tomatoes can cook for about 3 minutes. Sprinkle some grated cheddar cheese on top of the egg.

Meanwhile, spread some butter on two slices of bread then place the plain side of the bread on the egg (buttered side up) pressing it down using an omelette spatula. Flip over the bread so the buttered side goes underneath then let it cook until browned.

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Sprinkle more cheese over the fried egg then place the other slice of bread ensuring the plain side is on the egg and the buttered side is facing up. Press down and flip it again. The bottom part will have browned already. Once browned on both sides, remove sandwich from pan and set aside.

Using the same pan over low heat, sprinkle the cheese directly all over the pan, place the sandwich over the melting cheese and let it cook for about a minute until the cheese produces its natural oils and starts to crust, remove from pan and repeat the same process from scratch with the rest of the sandwiches. Cut into two triangles and serve hot.

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