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Six surprising kitchen cabinet colours to consider in 2019

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What better way to start 2019 than with freshly-painted kitchen cabinets. Picking a colour for your cabinets is one of the most difficult decisions to make when doing a new kitchen. The colour or stain on the cabinetry has to work in tandem with the walls, countertops, floors, the backsplash and the appliances. Are you working on getting a new kitchen or updating an old one? Here are surprising cabinet colours to spruce up your kitchen.

  1. Turquoise

Turquoise is a strong colour for cabinetry so a little splash goes a long way. When working with turquoise on cabinetry, pair it with a cherry, chestnut or mahogany wood finish for a warm look or, grey, beige and white cabinets for a chilled out look. Use turquoise minimally on an island or on select top cabinets only. Turquoise cabinets look superb in a matte finish with bright countertops like Tala white granite.

  1. Yellow

A warm and happy colour like egg yolk yellow will bring life to any kitchen especially so if it is a small space. Yellow cabinets pair well with white walls, brass handles and pale oak floors.

  1. Navy

Navy is mostly reserved for suits and handbags but you can use it in your kitchen too. Navy cabinetry will pop with gold handles and hinges and bright neutral or brown countertops. Navy also works with silver hardware and silver appliances. It can be used in matte or gloss options depending on the amount of natural light. Consider navy only for bigger kitchen spaces.

  1. Red

Red is an energy-infusing colour. Red kitchen cabinets fit better in modern or contemporary interiors. Red cabinets should always be high lacquer to pass a statement. A two-tone option for red is a mix of high gloss red and high gloss white. Red cabinets work well with greige (a colour made from mixing grey with beige), champagne, white and grey walls and dark stain floors.

  1. Orange

Orange, being a colour named after a fruit, is equally appetising to the eyes. Orange, just like it’s counterpart red, will give a burst of energy to your kitchen. To tone down orange cabinets, go for white or washed out beige walls and medium to dark floors. Orange cabinets look good with any hardware and all appliances.

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  1. Purple

You know what they say about purple cabinetry? It keeps excess body weight away. Purple is an appetite suppressant so you could just skip the annual gym membership and eat purple foods in your purple kitchen.

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