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Horrific: Sh3 million bum job 'from hell' leaves woman with hole



A criminal case has been launched in Russia after Veleslava Grigorieva, 40, was left in agony with the huge hole and nipples 'in the wrong place'

A woman claims she was left with a hole in her buttocks and nipples 'in the wrong place' after spending Sh. 3,225,000 on 'plastic surgery from hell'.

Veleslava Grigorieva, 40, says she was left in agony after the 'botched' surgeries carried out at a clinic in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

She has since shared nightmare images of her horrific wounds in a bid to get justice for the damage Veleslava claims was caused by the separate breast and buttock surgeries.

Meanwhile, authorities have opened a criminal case against the senior surgeons at Nudelman Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery Clinic who carried out the job.

Veleslava said she was left in so much pain after going under the knife that she had to "book three seats on a plane because I can’t sit down for more than a few minutes".

Despite her horrific wounds, the 40-year-old says she has been subjected to vilification and humiliation for using plastic surgery to restore her appearance.

Veleslava had initially undergone surgery on her breasts at the clinic, carried out by Igor Tsvetkov, but says she was forced to return after it left her nipples "too high and in the wrong place".

But she claims the corrective surgery and work to 'improve her buttocks' by 'lipo-lifting', carried out by Nikolay Golubkov, failed and left her in agony.

She says she was told by a medic at another clinic that she had an abscess in one buttock, however was refused help.

She then flew to Moscow where a new clinic "removed much of her buttock'

Russian Investigative Committee official Alexander Shulga said the criminal case was being launched under accusing the clinic and its surgeons of failing “to meet safety requirements” in carrying out plastic surgery.

The woman said: “I still struggle with the consequences of these surgeries. All this affected not only my physical health, but also all aspects of my life.

“Firstly, it is a lot of stress, and secondly, material damage, because I lost my job and sold an expensive car in order to (pay for corrective surgery).

Speaking of her ordeal, she said: “I am not a public person, but I had to put my history on public display in order to help myself and attract the attention of other people to the problem related to the quality of the work of the plastic surgeons.

“Of course, many people wrote me nasty things saying I am guilty, since I lay down under the knife in pursuit of beauty.

“Please understand, it is strange to go to a plastic surgeon when you are 18, but when you are 40 - there is nothing wrong with the desire to improve yourself, especially if there are problems in appearance.

“I always kept myself in shape, and went to the gym.

“I didn’t want implants in my breasts or a bum bum like Jennifer Lopez but I had complexes and certain drawbacks.

"And when the doctor suggested - I trusted him and decided to go for it.”

The surgeons have not commented on the criminal case being launched six months after the patient initially went public.

Previously the clinic said: “We tell our patients about all the risks before any procedures.

“We never betray our patients and never leave them in trouble, we never refuse to help.”

After the surgery on her bum, Veleslava said: “Next morning my bottom was leaking from the wounds in the buttocks, everything was black and blue.

“The doctor said this was normal. I spent five days in the clinic and was sent home with horrible pains.

“Three days later I send photographs to my surgeon showing my buttocks getting worse again. He told me to have a massage.”

She said her breasts had been left “even worse than before” with loose folds of skin and ugly scar marks.



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