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How to choose a blow dryer


We sometimes spend a lot of money where we can save. Take blow-drying hair, for example, it costs between Sh300 and Sh1,000 to blow-dry hair in a salon, depending on its locality.

You may have a daughter(s) whose hair you wash and blow-dry on a weekly basis; you too, may need to use a blow-dryer once in a while. Instead of spending all the money going to a salon, why not invest in a good blow-dryer and do your hair at home?

There are so many varieties of blow-dryers on the market that it can be difficult to choose. When you want to buy one to use at home, I would suggest that you speak to your hairdresser to guide you.

Below are some things to look for when buying a blow-dryer:

• How often will you use your blow-dryer? Determine the texture of your hair and how frequently you will be blow-drying it so that you know how much power your blow-dryer should have. Thick, strong hair requires a blow-dryer with a lot of strength. The reverse is the same for thin, weak hair.

• The wattage of the blow-dryer will indicate its strength. The more you will use your blow-dryer, the higher the wattage should be. Professional blow dryers are 1,300 watts or higher. A typical salon blow-dryer that is used every day has 2,600 watts. A blow dryer with higher wattage dries hair faster

• The power of a blow-dryer will also be determined by its cost. The more expensive, the more powerful it is. Thus if you rarely blow-dry your hair, simply go for a cheaper one.

• You could also consider other features that come with blow-dryers. Some have quitter engines, thus, produce less noise and even have cool setting or special motor. The cool setting on the blow-dryer helps in holding the style.

This is especially for people with longer hair. A cool shot button helps ‘set’ the style. If, for, example, you are using a round brush for more volume and bounce, the cool shot button will help set the style. The heat creates the style, then a blast of cold air sets it.

• Go for a blow-dryer with ceramic heating. Those with metal or plastic heating tend to produce more heat that burns the scalp. Ceramic heat moves around evenly, straightening each part of the hair.

• A blow-dryer with multiple speed and heat settings is ideal as you will be able to adjust the heat and speed as you wish.

• You don’t need a heavy blow-dryer that will leave your hands tired even before you finish blow-drying. Ensure it weighs less than 500gm. A lighter blow-dryer will allow you to reach difficult-to-reach places on your head.

• A nozzle attachment on the blow-dryer helps to smooth the hair. It helps concentrate the air flow and blows directly on the area you want to smooth.

Whether you will use your blow-dryer every day or once a week, do your homework. Check around and see what is in the market.

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