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Planning to say “I do”? Why you need to write your own wedding vows

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While every couple and wedding is unique, couples nowadays are opting to write their own vows in order to personalize their ceremony further.

Writing and reciting your own vows can be one of the most intimate moments that you can ever have in your life It requires selected words and phrases that speak to you and your partner and comes straight from your heart to the person you love.

Your vows will reflect what’s important to both of you if you talk about them as you write them.

When you read your vows in public, you’re reading what you are uniquely promising to your partner – something no one else can decide/do it for you. It may be helpful to look at traditional vows for inspiration when deciding what promises you want to make, but at the end of the day, the most honest and true vows are inspired by your love for the person you’ve chosen to marry.

Love has no boundaries or rules. Therefore, don’t be afraid to break tradition! Whether your creative outlet of choice is spoken word, song writing, or poetry, use that to deliver your vows.

It is also important to write your vows as if you’re only talking to your partner. It will ease any nerves of speaking in front of an audience and allow you to articulate how you really feel.

Chances are, the spot you and your partner picked to tie the knot has meaning. Use that to your advantage. Writing your own wedding vows will capture the attention of your guests since its fresh material.

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While most have heard the standard civil or religious vows many times and tear up at the sound of those traditional words, everyone will sit up and listen when they hear you expressing yourself in a way that they were not expecting.

There are no rules when it comes to vow writing. If you cannot decide whether or not to write your own, consider doing both! You can pick and choose to write some aspects, while still pulling some points from traditional options.

Choosing to write your own vows is part of the day you will remember forever. It is a significant task to write your vows and recite them with family and friends intently watching. Perhaps, the officiant can even read the vows for you if you can’t.

Be calm and remember that everyone in attendance is there to support you and your new beginning!

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