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Four easy exercises to help your diastasis recti

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Diastasis Recti is the separation of your abdominal muscles, commonly exacerbated by pregnancy.

It is important to address a gap that is wider than two fingers as it can cause back pain, prolapse and incontinence. Avoid crunches and sit-ups as they can permanently weaken the abdominal muscles.

1. Heel taps

Lie on your back with feet raised off the ground and knees bent.  Alternate tapping your heels lightly on the ground.

2. Bird dog

Start on all fours with your body squared. Looking down, extend your right arm forward, simultaneously extending your left leg back, pointing fingers and toes. Hold for two seconds and alternate.

3. Glute bridge

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Lie on your back with knees bent and feet and palms on the floor. Contract your glutes and abs and raise your hips until your body is in a straight line from shoulders to knees. Hold for two seconds then return to start.

4. Heel slides

Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on floor. Slowly slide one heel in front of you until your knee touches the ground then draw it back to the start and alternate.


How to lower your cholesterol

Your body needs cholesterol to work but too much clogs your arteries and puts you at risk of heart disease.

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For some people with high cholesterol, it is possible to lower it by watching what you eat. Eliminating certain foods altogether can significantly reduce your cholesterol.

Limit your intake of saturated by reducing how much meat and dairy you eat and opting for oily fish, nuts and seeds, vegetable oils and avocados. Completely avoid Tran fats by carefully reading labels.

Eat lots of whole-grain cereals like oats and bran, as well as fruit, veg and legumes. These are high in soluble fibre, which helps lower the amount of cholesterol you absorb. Fruit and veg contain compounds that help limit how much cholesterol you can absorb.

As well as changing your diet, weight management and increasing your daily activity are also important for managing cholesterol.


Learning to communicate your needs

It can be difficult to nurture your social wellbeing if you don’t know how to communicate effectively but you can improve your relationships by putting into practice a few practical tips.

1. Identify your needs

Communication is centred on understanding your needs. Specify and prioritise your needs so you can identify what you hope to gain from a conversation.

2. Be open and honest

Nobody is a mind reader. Being frank about your wants and needs helps you navigate your relationships much easier.

3. Use non-verbal cues

Be cognisant of your non-verbal signs as you may be sending mixed signals. Match your non-verbal cues with your words in order to reinforce your communication.

4. Be aware of your emotions

All emotions derive from needs so if you are feeling overly emotional, identify whether you have unmet needs then communicate them once your feel calm.

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