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Woman spends Sh11 million to make her look like human sex doll

A transsexual dominatrix has undergone 20 cosmetic surgeries to make her look like a human sex doll.

But Ivana isn't ready to stop yet, and says she needs at least four more operations to get the look she wants.

So far the 26-year-old has had five nose jobs, three boob jobs, eyebrow lifts, a jaw op and had her earlobes reduced, among others.

According to reports, she has spent around Sh11.6 million and now has a breast size of 95G.

Before going under the knife, Ivana said she did not like the way she looked.

She said: "Before, I was simply ugly. I was ignored by men and was always 'nice but not beautiful'."

Now, the "living sex doll" has 96,000 Instagram followers and gets lots of attention.

Ivana who is also a professional makeup from Berlin, Germany, added: "Other women laugh at me, they say that I look like a sex doll.

"Then I just say 'yes, I want to look like that.'

"That is a compliment to me."

Her role models are deceased porn actress Lolo Ferrari, who was said to have had the largest breasts in the world.

Ivana has been working as a dominatrix twice a week for seven years which has helped to pay for her sex doll look.

She still has four more surgeries to go, she said: "I do not want to be normal at all, I am oriented towards dolls and I strive for perfection."

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