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Baby care: How to take care of your baby’s dry scalp

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Most babies have a stubborn case of a dry scalp that sometimes lasts months. This, commonly known as the cradle crap, is a bother for many mothers who do not know how to deal with it. Cradle crap begins usually at your baby’s first three months although there are cases of it happening earlier or later.

Cradle crap is a yellowish, patchy, greasy, scaly and crusty scalp that looks like dandruff. This doesn’t bother them in any way since it doesn’t itch or hurt. Although it is harmless to your baby, knowing how to take care of your baby’s dry scalp gives you much peace, especially on hygiene.

There are several ways you can take care of your baby’s dry scalp including

Brushing and Rubbing

Lightly brushing or rubbing your baby’s scalp gets rid of the flakes on their head. Choose a soft brush since your baby’s scalp is still very delicate. Gentle brushing and rubbing helps blood circulation to your baby’s scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. Avoid picking on the flakes as it may lead to a wound and later infection. You should only brush once a day to avoid irritating your baby’s scalp.


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Your baby’s dry scalp could be an accumulation of dry flakes. You could easily take care of this by washing their scalp. Adding mild baby shampoo to their bath while cleaning their head works better since scalps have oils secreted from the scalp. Ask your baby’s doctor for advice if you are unsure what shampoo to use on your baby. Use warm water for better results.

Constant Hydration

A dry scalp will always lad to flaking and vice versa. By hydrating your baby’s scalp, you reduce their chances of getting the cradle cap since their scalp doesn’t flake or break easily. You should be careful of the oils you use as your baby’s skin is still sensitive and vulnerable to strong chemicals. To be safe, test a little oil and proceed if your baby doesn’t react negatively to it. Rubbing the oil gently to your baby’s scalp helps it get absorbed for better results.

Protection from dry heat

Unlike adults, children react to elements a bit more. While being a in a hot environment may not do you harm, it could dehydrate your bay and lead to problems like a dry skin, scalp and eventually the cradle cap. Ensure your baby is in a room with comfortable temperatures all the time. In cases when you cannot control exposure to dry heat, use a humidifier to ensure your baby’s skin and to a reasonable extent scalp, is not exposed.

Consult your pediatrician

Some cases of dry scalp may attack your baby due to differing factors, some becoming severe. When this is the case, seek an alternative solution by taking your baby to their doctor so that they can recommend what to use. You pediatrician could suggest you use essence oils or antifungal creams depending on how bad the dryness is.

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