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Five reasons why you are in a sexless marriage

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A tricky subject to tackle considering the different opinions, some experts say that couples who have sex nine times or fewer each year are sexless. Others argue that no outsider can deem a marriage sexless since preferences in frequency are personal.

A worrying trend, a survey commissioned by the Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture found that 12 percent of married couples hadn’t had sex in the previous three months. Another survey revealed that, on average, 20 percent of spouses hadn’t had sex in the past year.

While love and marriage go hand in hand, sex and marriage is a different matter altogether as more and more couples continue to endure no physical intimacy in their marriages.

However, it is not unusual for even sexually attracted couples to experience this. Over time, our libido dips, age plays a factor and other uncontrollable factors such as a death of a loved may lower one partner’s interest in sex.

With many possible causes, here are a few reasons why your sex life may have hit a snug.

  1. Sickness

As the body ages, it is prone to illnesses therefore making sex a challenge. Whether it is a sickness or not, some medication may also have adverse side effects limiting sexual activity. Men on the other hand have a unique libido-lowering concern to deal with, erectile dysfunction. Should this be the case, medical attention should be highly considered.

  1. Fatigue

With our busy schedules and fast lives, fatigue plays a major role in many sexless marriages. While this may be a result of an illness or side effect of a medication, our crazy lives take the cake. Give your libido some kick by spending more time in bed sleeping. Enough sleep is detrimental for sexual function and desire to have sex.

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  1. Stress

With too much on your plate, it will be difficult to concentrate on the things you love and this includes sex. Stress can trigger hormonal changes which could diminish libido. According to holistic gynecologist Eden Fromberg, DO, a clinical assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at SUNY Downstate College of Medicine, ‘’when you’re stressed, the fight-or-flight response encoded in our bodies is mediated through the same tissues that mediate sexual responsiveness, dampening desire and telling your body that you should be paying attention to something other than sex.’’

  1. Resentment

Emotional baggage whether it is a grudge from the past, lingering hostility or built up anger, it can mess with your libido. Whatever it is two people are going through in their marriage, a solution needs to be reached first to get the ball rolling.

  1. Weight gain

The older we get the harder it is to stay fit and this results in weight gain. The heavier you get the less energy you may have for sexual activity. Women on the hand may feel self-conscious about their appearance and the last thing they may want to do is get naked. On the other hand, if your partner gains weight you may not find them as attractive as before.

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