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Visa application denied? Six simple mistakes you must avoid

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Many factors influence successful visa application. However, simple mistakes that can easily be avoided are often the causes of most visa applications getting denied.

The worst part about traveling is the tedious visa requirements and processes, getting through all of it, and then your visa getting rejected.

Here are tips to prevent that from happening;

1. Complete all the required documents

Almost all the embassies require the same set of documents for visa application so make sure you have everything ready and don’t miss out even a single one. This usually includes:

  • Bank Statement/Bank Certificate for the last 3 or 6 months.
  • Duly filled out application form;
  • Passport which is valid for 6 more months before your intended flight;
  • Passport size photos; and
  • Travel Insurance

2. Avoid misspelling your name on documents

The information on your identification documents must match the information on your visa petition exactly. Before submitting any document, double-check the information you have provided because the simplest spelling mistake will see your application rejected.

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3. Unclear or Unjustified Purpose of Travel

Why do you want to travel to that country? It’s one of the most basic things asked when applying for a visa. It’s in every application form.

Are you travelling simply for sightseeing? Will you be visiting friends or family? Will you be attending a seminar or conference? Will you be meeting a client? Whatever your reason is, it has to be clear and honest. Honest, yes, because you will be asked to prove it.

4. Don’t be nervous during the interview

When applying for a visa, most embassies will require you to present yourself physically for an interview. The interview is just a chance to present the documentation, and support your reasons for travel.

You need to have your answers at your fingertips – look at it as though you’re going for a job interview, present your documents in an organized manner, also, make sure that you look presentable, a nice shirt and pants for the gents and a blouse and skirt or pants for the ladies will do.

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5. Showing a long itinerary

Always show a short itinerary. An itinerary of 15 days or less is more realistic. Anything longer than 15 days may raise questions such as why you would need that many days.

If you show a long itinerary, you may be asked for additional proofs such as leave approval letter, no objection letter from your employer or proof of additional funds in your bank.

6. Involving in illegal or criminal activities

Do not involve yourself in any illegal activities in your home country or while travelling. This can seriously hurt your chances of visa approvals in the future.

Having any kind of police record can affect your future visa approvals. You might be subjected to deportation and a permanent ban on entering the country.

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